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Poetry, Paintings, and Ponderings: Through My Eyes

My Eyes April 16, 2013

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My eyes see this planet

as a wondrous, awe-inspiring sphere

filled with colors and delights.

Amazed and excited,

my eyes long for sights never imagined

and  to see people so very unlike me.

These eyes value differences in beliefs,

shades of all colors, and various

thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

I have no eyes for hatred and mistrust

nor evil for the sake of evil;

of others who hate eyes varied from their own.

My eyes may be old but they see~

they see with the freshness of a newborn

eager to know, eager to learn, eager to understand.

I only wish that other eyes~

eyes like and unlike mine

could see the beauty that my eyes see.


Written for those who lost their lives because of those who cannot see.


Calming Waters April 6, 2012

The calming waters always make me feel better.


Our Kind of Love

Can we just freeze this moment in time

letting the rest of the world pass us by

as we slowly dance in the drenching rain

to the slow beat of the music in our heads

our bodies clinging together tightly

surrounded in our veil of love


I know that this kind of love doesn’t last

the moment will be just a dim memory

the demanding world always crashes in

forces work against our brand of love

and we are left tasting bitterness

dancing, rainy days can never last forever







Goodbye, My Winter April 1, 2012

Here it is, my goodbye to winter. April is here, and it is time for spring flowers. I am ready, but I feel a certain sadness to say goodbye to winter. Winter is a thoughtful season with its long hours of darkness and blustery hours of light. I love the coziness of the cold, bitter season that sets in and rules what we humans can and cannot do. I love the cleanness of the bare trees as they prepare for a glorious rebirth. I envy that nature can do that each year. Imagine what it would be like if we could be stripped bare each winter, only to experience a complete rebirth come spring. Nice.


Another View March 31, 2012

Taking photos of the world around me is another way I make sense of things.


Colors of My World

My thoughts hold me hostage

a captive prisoner in my mind

dreaming of what might have been

if the madness hadn’t taken hold

Life would be a lovely shade of normal

instead I live life in a kaleidoscope of swirls

colors that blend and shift with the wind

just when the colors begin to settle

into what I think will be normal

the colors tilt; the demons surge

my world spins out of control once again.



The Storm March 28, 2012

dusk comes early to swallow up the day

bringing a feeling of impending doom.

she peers out at the gathering clouds when

thunder rumbles and lightning splits open the sky.

the rain trickles down the cold windowpane as

hail pelts the landscape without mercy.

The clouds part like curtains on a grand stage

just as a glorious rainbow jumps across the sky.

The grand finale brings a smile to her lips as

the storm halts and the sun glimmers once again.


Crying Again March 25, 2012

She is crying again

wet tears splashing down

saddened and upset

at the damage she feels

deep into her soul.

She is crying again

wondering if she will ever be the same

or if this would be as good as it gets.

She is crying again

barely able to breathe

through smog-filled skies.

Mother Earth is crying again.


Words to Ponder February 28, 2012

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                                                         Your childhood

was all about

skinned knees from trying new things

climbing higher and higher, until you reached the top branch

swinging the bat with all of your power, missing, and trying again

laughing a deep belly laugh while playing with a good friend

stopping in your tracks to watch a tiny ant complete an amazing feat

catching fireflies just to see the wonder of their glow

running as fast as you could because it felt so good

stopping to help someone in need because it was the right thing to do

Who says

that we should behave any differently

as an adult?


a lovely world August 1, 2010

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i dream at night

of a lovely world

free of hatred;

no senseless crimes

mar the beautiful landscape.

what you want

you ask for

what you have

you share.

humans behave humanly

and love abounds.