Rainey Daze and Crazy Nights

Poetry, Paintings, and Ponderings: Through My Eyes

The Storm June 13, 2013

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06022012 Rear Flank Storm Structure

06022012 Rear Flank Storm Structure (Photo credit: StormLoverSwin93)


Wicked winds are howling




tossing leaves and limbs


to and fro.




Thunder from far away


boils closer


building, reaching a climax


booming and echoing.




Rain begins to pound


drenching me


taming the wild, wicked wind


and yelling at the thunder.















Nature Speaks to My Soul April 3, 2012

the bright yellow rays of sunbeams

feed energy deep into my weary soul

awakening and reviving my spirit

giving me hope for better days to come


dripping aqua-blue raindrops

cleanse my spirit of wicked demons

bathing my soul in a soft purity

wiping the slate for a new beginning


cool, crisp, early morning breezes

blow stale cobwebs from my brain

clearing my dark thoughts away

only leaving room for brightness


I am at my most serene

when nature speaks to my soul

giving me back a peaceful existence

ready again to face the human race






Happiness in the Sun March 24, 2012

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a soft gentle wind caresses my cheek

while the warm sun kisses my hair

whippoorwills call each other by name

and the carpet beneath my feet changes

from crunchy brown to soft green

right before my eyes.

tight moist buds begin to unfurl

as newborn colors burst into life

hues of pinks, reds, greens, and yellows

spring forward in a tangled mass

as nature puts on her party dress.

the sun warms my cold winter bones

and heats my skin as a sigh escapes my lips.