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Today January 24, 2013

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I woke up feeling awful, so I called in and went back to bed. I woke up a little later still feeling lousy. Then I made a mistake; I went online and looked at a project I’ve managed at work and saw no  little progress. I took some medication, showered, and crawled into work. I only stayed a few hours, but I completed a lot of the little things that needed to be done. Now I am back home, already in my pajamas and ready for bed. It is 5:30.

It is blustery and cold here; my favorite kind of weather. I wish I felt better! I would LOVE to go out and take some photos. I guess I will just settle in and watch from my window. There will be other days.

Stay warm, my friends.


Hot Tea and WordPress January 22, 2013

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Hot tea

Hot tea (Photo credit: Julio Martinez)

Ugg. I have the bug, the virus, the flu. Whatever it is, I want to give it back to whoever shared it with me. My throat feels like I’ve gargled rocks and my head feels like it could explode. Ugg. I hate being sick. 😦 But then I guess no one ever says, “Wow! I really wish I could catch a good case of the flu right now! That would be awesome!” So I will fix a nice cup of hot tea and settle back to read WordPress.