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Will You Still Love Me? May 16, 2013

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Will you still love me

Will you still love me

when you witness the wretched, fire-breathing demons

that crawl through my head?


Will you still love me

when venomous words (that I don’t really mean)

spew from my lips?


Will you still love me

when  you discover my horrible secret truth

that no one knows?


Will you still love me

with all of your heart and soul

when I am hardest to love?


Will you still love me?



What’s Love Got to Do With It? July 15, 2012

She moaned in pleasure as his hand gently cupped her breast. Their kiss deepened and another moan escaped her lips. Just when she thought she would explode, he….

What is love? Is it out of control hot sex? Is it remembering her birthday? Is it dinner and a movie, and then (hopefully) out of control hot sex? Can you love someone and NOT have sex? There are so many levels of love, and I’m not even talking about the love you feel for your parents, friends, or for your children; I’m talking about what you feel for a significant other.

There’s that moment of  butterflies in the pit of your stomach; where every look, every word, is heavy with meaning. The air is thick with electricity when you are near one another. Being apart for too long feels physically painful and your every waking thought is of your love.

There is also that love that comes from shared experiences. When you hear a song, or a phrase, and it means something to the two of you. You look at each other and a certain meaning is conveyed that only the two of you get. You have inside jokes, and you know how to push each other’s buttons. Being together is comforting and sweet.

Love is painful. Only a person you truly love and care about can cut your heart to shreds with words or actions. If you love someone, you open your heart and let them in, making yourself vulnerable. When they lash out at you, the pain is indescribable. But to experience the incredible highs, you must experience the lows. It gives your love depth and meaning.

So what about sex? Sex is a wonderful experience to share with another person. When you have sex with someone you really love, it adds a layer of pleasurable textures that cannot be described. It heightens every touch to a new and wonderful level. Does that mean every single sexual encounter with the one you love is going to make you see fireworks and shooting stars? No, but when you focus on that connection, it can be terrific!

Love is so many things…if you find love, grab hold and hang on! It may not always be rainbows and butterflies, but it will be interesting! (And there will be hot sex at least some of the time!)

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Love July 9, 2012

Love is sometimes soft
Paper-thin and fragile
As a butterfly wing
It can whisper in you ear
And leave you breathless.

Love is sometimes painful
Raw, sore and jagged


Like a shard of glass
It can rip your heart
And leave you broken.

Love is always worthwhile
Hopeful, precious, and exciting
Like a new beginning
It can inspire you
And leave you wanting more.



A Perfect Love March 25, 2012

the colorful patchwork quilt made lovingly by her mother’s hands

spread on the sun warmed  spring grass

a half-empty bottle of lukewarm white wine

beside a plastic-wrapped platter of soft cheeses and ruby grapes

nearby sounds of water splashing across slick rocks

in a hurry to flow to places unknown


half-dressed trees dance in the cool, gentle breeze

cast speckled patterns of sunlight and shadows  to the ground

Tiny finch tweet and twitter while building their love nest

among the flowering branches of a dogwood tree

the lovers, flushed with the pleasure of lovemaking

lie on her mother’s blanket gazing up at the sky

clothing discarded carelessly

they lie openly and honestly in only their own skin

long limbs entwined together in a perfect love




Mute Love

words are usually my best friends

why, then when I am with you

do they fail me?

I am unable to utter the words

that would make you comprehend

just what you mean to me.

Why do they leave me

with a stupid smile on my face

mute and blushing?



a glinting, double-sided knife

can slice you to the bone

before you know you’ve even been cut.

you see the thin ribbon of blood

before you ever feel the pain.

the ribbon becomes a river

then a faucet

flooding your skin

with the red liquid of your soul.



Did you know?

I spend my days

dreaming of our life together

and what it might be

if we had made different choices?

Did you know?

I will never forget

the day you first spoke the words

I love you?

Did you know?

I will never have

another love as pure and passionate

as the one we once shared?

Did you know?


Our Kiss March 18, 2012

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When we kissed

you tasted of summer nights from long ago

when our mouths first came together.

Your arms wrapped around me

felt like starry nights together on a blanket

moonlight dancing across our bodies.

When your hand held mine

it was an autumn walk in the park

brittle leaves crunching with every step.

But also, your kiss

held the promise of new adventures

new memories that we will make

as we find each other

once again.


True Love February 12, 2012

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What does it feel like to be truly, unbelievably, romantically loved by someone?

I’ll Follow You Into the Dark

I have always wanted someone to love me unconditionally. I want to be loved with the same amount of completeness that singers sing about and of which poets write. Would it become old and tiring to be loved that much? I wouldn’t mind finding out. (This, from the woman who doesn’t feel that anyone can really love her.)

Wonderful Tonight

When I listen to love songs, I always wonder if their love was real. In my mind it HAS to be; no one could make it sound so real, so arousing if it were not. I remember what it felt like to fall in love; the butterflies, the emotions that threaten to overwhelm. Mostly, I remember what it felt like to be an angel in someone’s eyes.