Rainey Daze and Crazy Nights

Poetry, Paintings, and Ponderings: Through My Eyes

Who Am I? August 5, 2012

Who am I?

i am empathetic

~for animals and children, who need our love and devotion

~for broken humans, who are suffering in so many ways

~for elderly, who have lived and loved and become frail

i am liberal

~i believe equal rights mean equal for all

~i judge by who you are, not what you are

~i think all people should have the rights of all others

i am a survivor

~of childhood molestation

~of interior, self-inflicted wounds

~of life and all its curves

i am a mother

~my daughters will always come first

~my girls live in my heart wherever they may be

~my heart breaks every time they hurt

i am a creator

~of words that, together, come alive on a page

~of pictures i paint with film or acrylics

~of objects created of metal, glass and other beauties

i am a lover

~of animals and nature

~of music that feeds my soul with rhythm and words

~of my dogs, who quiet my restless soul

i am a hater

~of self, for things i cannot yet forgive

~of ignorant, bigoted people who spew hateful words at others

~of explantions molded to fit one view only

i am imperfect

~i hide from the truth when it hurts too much

~i pretend i’m okay when i’m not at all

~i lie to fit in and be safe in the group

i am a beast

~when you harm someone i love

~when your hatred turns against the helpless

~when i’m pushed into a corner, i come out swinging

i am so many things.

i am all of this and much, much more.

i am Rainey.


A Self-titled Poem July 19, 2012


caring, artistic, friendly, unsettled
Sibling of a far-away sis and unkind brother

Lover of music, nature, travels, and all things artsy

Who fears not being loved

Who needs unconditional love and acceptance

Who gives acceptance, love, and truth

Who would like to see the world 

Resident of America the not so great but the always beautiful



Just for fun, I used this form, you can find it here, to write a poem all about me. Here is what it looks like:

Write an Instant “All About Me” Poem


Line 1: First Name
Line 2: Four descriptive traits
Line 3: Sibling of…
Line 4: Lover of   
Line 5: Who fears…   
Line 6: Who needs…   
Line 7: Who gives…   
Line 8: Who would like to see…   
Line 9: Resident of…   
Line 10: Last Name   

It’s fun and makes you think…try it! 🙂




Rainey’s Ramblings July 8, 2012

More ramblings from the mind of Rainey…

*If we are so smart, how do animals know of impending storms or disasters before we do?
*Why do humans have internal organs that we don’t really need? Will future humans be born without these unneeded organs as humans evolve?
*Why are the males in the animal world the flashy ones? Women, where did WE go wrong? ( Don’t know about you, but I would give up make-up)
*If I had never tasted sugar and I tasted it now, would I dislike it?
*Do animals suffer from mental disorders? If so, how do the other animals treat them?
*Why do we assign power to some words ( curse words), then get upset when kids say them? They are just words….sounds…they mean whatever we say they mean.
*Why do we base everything we do on the almighty dollar: a worthless piece of paper! Wouldn’t it be easier to barter for what we need?
*Who ever looked at a clown and thought it would be a great idea to have at a CHILD’S party? Those guys are creepy as hell! (No offence, Le Clown)
*Why does society want to medicate every unique trait we have? Are we aiming for conformity, or a ‘superior race’ (is Hitler back?) of dullness?
*Why do some people who dislike children become teachers?
~ ~ ~
Just some thoughts I’ve had today that I thought I would share.