Rainey Daze and Crazy Nights

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Winter Please Stay February 8, 2014

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I love cold weather. I don’t know how to explain it; cold weather, especially if there is snow, makes me happy inside. I love putting on layers of clothing and my good pair of snow boots and going outside to play, walk around, and take pictures. I even enjoy being inside on a cold snowy day, window blinds open to the beauty.

I feel almost the same about a cold, rainy day. Give me a warm beverage, my comfy socks, and a good book to read….that makes a great day! It’s not pleasant, however, if it is a humid, sticky rain; I prefer it cold!

This winter has been colder than usual around here. Many friends are complaining, and begging spring to hurry. Me? I am quite satisfied. Nothing would make me happier than a cold, snowy February.


Home October 10, 2013

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my searching eyes turn upward

as I gaze at the dark, heavy, bruised sky

rain threatens, but doesn’t fall

the whirling wind madly tugs at me

whipping my long hair to and fro

stinging my eyes into near blindness

My steps echo on the concrete landscape

as I quicken my pace to beat the storm

Ahead I see the beacon of my safe haven

a single ray of light in a darkening world

a vibrate, pulsing bolt splits the clouds

just as I reach my shielded threshold

I am home.



Rain For Rainey July 2, 2013

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It’s raining here today. I love a good hard rain that seems to cleanse the soul. It makes me want to strip off my clothes and go out side to dance in the rain…but for the sake of my neighbors I will refrain. 🙂 Everyone here is complaining because we are stuck in a daily rain pattern, but I find it soothing. It may even inspire me to paint again…



The Storm June 13, 2013

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06022012 Rear Flank Storm Structure

06022012 Rear Flank Storm Structure (Photo credit: StormLoverSwin93)


Wicked winds are howling




tossing leaves and limbs


to and fro.




Thunder from far away


boils closer


building, reaching a climax


booming and echoing.




Rain begins to pound


drenching me


taming the wild, wicked wind


and yelling at the thunder.















You and I April 9, 2013

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The rain sprinkles my skin with love

reminding me of butterfly kisses

and the taste of your hungry lips.


The warmth spreads from my heart

to deep within my soul

as I remember the heat of your touch.


We danced in the rain, you and I

letting the warm, steady rain

mold our bodies together into one.


I miss those days when nothing else mattered

just you and I, dancing to unheard music

alone in the beautiful rain.





Summer Through the Lens July 20, 2012

A doe was kind enough to stop for a photo.

A field of happiness!

Stopping for a quick sip…

I wonder what lives here?

Watching the sun sink into the trees…

Time for a snack!

A rainy summer day…(sigh)

I love the ease of summer days. Earth dresses in lush, vibrant colors and nature peeks out of every corner. Animals stop to say hello and the world is wrapped in a heavy warmth that lingers in my bones.


Rainy Day Songs Part 2

A few more rainy day songs…


Rainy Day Songs Part 1

There are many songs about rain. Here are a few that I like:


Our Kind of Love April 6, 2012

Can we just freeze this moment in time

letting the rest of the world pass us by

as we slowly dance in the drenching rain

to the slow beat of the music in our heads

our bodies clinging together tightly

surrounded in our veil of love


I know that this kind of love doesn’t last

the moment will be just a dim memory

the demanding world always crashes in

forces work against our brand of love

and we are left tasting bitterness

dancing, rainy days can never last forever







Nature Speaks to My Soul April 3, 2012

the bright yellow rays of sunbeams

feed energy deep into my weary soul

awakening and reviving my spirit

giving me hope for better days to come


dripping aqua-blue raindrops

cleanse my spirit of wicked demons

bathing my soul in a soft purity

wiping the slate for a new beginning


cool, crisp, early morning breezes

blow stale cobwebs from my brain

clearing my dark thoughts away

only leaving room for brightness


I am at my most serene

when nature speaks to my soul

giving me back a peaceful existence

ready again to face the human race