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Give Me a Glimpse April 18, 2013

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I am your favorite drug

the craving  you dream of all day

I am your fix and you gotta have me

Show me with your lips, your hands

Make me squirm with that look in your eyes

Let me feel your need and desires


Then, when our passion is spent

hold me gently within your arms

lips against my hair, whisper soft nothings

that mean everything

Give me a glimpse of the depths of our love

when I look once again into your eyes








Passion of Winter and Earth January 26, 2013

Winter and Earth

Winter slowly rakes his frozen nails

down Earth’s brown, sloping back

Earth trembles at his soft touch

afraid, yet excited, at what is yet to come

Winter gently blows his cool breath

against Earth’s lovely breasts

creating frost at each summit

Earth holds her breath, tingling, anticipating…

Snow drifts form

where their bodies join together

winds whip and whirl around them

an intense blizzard rages

as their passion builds and grows

Winter throws back his head and moans

as Earth bucks once more beneath him

the storm is over

only a few soft snowflakes left to fall

as the passion

between Winter and Earth

is spent.