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Brushstrokes November 3, 2013

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Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.

               Henry Ward Beecher

I am lost inside my art. With every brush stroke, I am carried farther away from the troubles that inhabit my brain. I breath in the smell of the paint and see the whiteness of my canvas transform from something empty and dull into a world of color and delight. Painting quiets the noise in my head.



Awful June 28, 2013

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I tried painting yesterday and a little today. It was awful. It made me want to throw away all of my paintbrushes!  I probably haven’t painted this poorly since I started. Oh, well. Another day…

I feel itchy to do something creative. Just don’t know what I can do…


Birds for Sailor July 21, 2012

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For my friend, Sailor.

First, for your entertainment, an old rhyme I said as a child (as  you can see, I was mental even back then)

Birdie, birdie, in the sky,

Why’d you poo-poo in my eye?

I’m sure glad cows don’t fly!

~  ~  ~

And now, bird art by Rainey.

~  ~  ~

~  ~  ~




Trees and Flowers April 27, 2012

Trees and flowers are my favorite things to draw and paint.



Art….Again! April 8, 2012

I did it! I was able to paint today! I took everything to the back porch and completed these two bird paintings. I also started another series. It felt so good again….I haven’t really created anything since last summer. Maybe, just maybe, it is coming back. Losing myself in the creation of art is the best therapy of all.