Rainey Daze and Crazy Nights

Poetry, Paintings, and Ponderings: Through My Eyes

Winter Haiku January 26, 2013

cold drips from the sky

splashes on the landscape and

frosts the world in white.


frosted world


Hummingbirds Stopping By July 16, 2012

I spent the better part of the last two hours trying to get a few shots of the hummingbirds that visit my back porch. I was rewarded with a couple of nice ones! I am still learning, though, how to get clear pictures of these wee little critters.

She seems to be looking right at me!

This is the ruby throated hummingbird. I have three different ones that I can tell.

Look at his tail feathers!

Nice side view

 I love creatures of all kinds, but there is something extraordinary about tiny ones!


Peaceful End July 11, 2012

Tomorrow, I have to go back to reality. My time at the lake is coming to an end. I’m sorry to see my vacation end, but I have had a wonderful time. I am happy, relaxed, and peaceful. I wish so much I could put this feeling in a bottle, and take a sip from the bottle when I need it.



Colorful Beauty May 1, 2012

I wish I could capture the beautiful variation of colors in this flower in one of my paintings.