Rainey Daze and Crazy Nights

Poetry, Paintings, and Ponderings: Through My Eyes

Take a Trip with Me! August 2, 2012

Let’s go to the beach, shall we?

You feel the warm breathe of the ocean breeze on your face. When you remove your shoes your toes wiggle and sink into the rough grains of loose sand. Some of the sand clings to your feet as you walk the path between the dunes. The sea grass sways as you stroll by, each one bowing its head as if in honor of your passing through.

As you hike closer to the top of the dunes, you hear the crashing of the ocean as it pounds the sand. The smell of salt infuses your nose and the taste creeps into your mouth as you lick your lips. The sun heats your skin and  you begin to glisten.  You anticipate the refreshing splash of water you soon will feel.

At the top of the dune,  you pause. Stretched out in front of you is the glorious ocean. It swallows the horizon and eats away at the beach. The water is a mix of grays, blues and aquas that dance and play like lovers. White ridges rise to the top and ride the darker hues all the way to the sand, where it crashes into nothingness. You stand and stare in awe.

After gazing for a few more moments, you walk until the thick loose sand becomes flat and packed down by the receding surf. You deposit your blanket and slip off your shirt.  As though mesmerized, you walk straight toward the water. As  you approach, a small wave reaches out and touches your feet. The cool water makes you gasp, but the sun beating down makes it feel delicious. You continue. The next wave is not so gentle and as it slams against your knees you brace your legs for the impact. You feel the sand beneath your feet shift and slide away. A few more steps, and you are up to your thighs. You know the next wave, the one you see building in the distance, will be the one that takes you under. As the white caps rise to the top, forming a towering wall of water, you suck in your breath and close your eyes. The wave crashes over your head and envelopes you in salty coldness as it swirls around you. You rise up and gasp in air, preparing for the next wave.


The Moss July 23, 2012

The moss drips from the bough

leaving the tree naked,

raw and exposed


The moss floats on the surface

looking at the reflection

that peers back


The moss grows more and more weary

as water slowly seeps in

and brings it down


The moss allows it to happen

welcomes the water

too weary to fight.


Summer Through the Lens July 20, 2012

A doe was kind enough to stop for a photo.

A field of happiness!

Stopping for a quick sip…

I wonder what lives here?

Watching the sun sink into the trees…

Time for a snack!

A rainy summer day…(sigh)

I love the ease of summer days. Earth dresses in lush, vibrant colors and nature peeks out of every corner. Animals stop to say hello and the world is wrapped in a heavy warmth that lingers in my bones.




Hummingbirds Stopping By July 16, 2012

I spent the better part of the last two hours trying to get a few shots of the hummingbirds that visit my back porch. I was rewarded with a couple of nice ones! I am still learning, though, how to get clear pictures of these wee little critters.

She seems to be looking right at me!

This is the ruby throated hummingbird. I have three different ones that I can tell.

Look at his tail feathers!

Nice side view

 I love creatures of all kinds, but there is something extraordinary about tiny ones!


My Dear Old Friend July 10, 2012

He gazes down at me
With wise, soulful eyes
I lean against his knee
As he tells me stories
Of long, long ago
When knights roamed the land
And beauty won the heart
Of the bellowing beast
He holds the answers to questions
Of our near and distant past
He whispers the sweet secrets
Of lovers spoken in the heart
He is old, gnarled and bent
With his numerous years
Wiser than any I have known
He has already lived long
And will live beyond me
My dear old friend, the tree.



Colorful Beauty May 1, 2012

I wish I could capture the beautiful variation of colors in this flower in one of my paintings.


Lightness and Dark

There is something fabulous about the sun shining through a dark forest. The deep, muted shades of green  accented by the sun-speckled brighter greens cast beautiful patterns. Each shade makes you appreciate the other. Without the light, there is only darkness. Without the dark, there is only lightness. We all need a little darkness and a little lightness in our lives. I  am still searching for that balance, and for the ability to truly appreciate both. That, my friends, is my journey.


River Trail Thoughts April 29, 2012

The birds were not cooperating today, so I could not get any good pictures of them. Instead, I decided to go for a walk on a local trail. This walk inspired a lot of thinking about life.

The gravel trail meanders through a beautiful forest. The bushes, ferns, and trees are all wearing their new spring finery. Sprinkled sunlight throughout the woods creates a lovely pattern of light and shadows. When I am in this setting, all seems right in my world. It makes me wonder: do you think all the modern conveniences have actually harmed us as humans? I have so many “things”, and because of this I work long hours and spend most of my time on upkeep of said things. What if life were more simple? What if I had much less, and had time to do much more? This walk in the woods really got me thinking about life.

Imagine having a small cabin in a forest like this one. Would the peace and quiet be a constant inspiration to my spirit, or would loneliness drive me insane? I would be willing to give up a lot for a quiet life.

I am in awe of this crooked tree because to me, it told a story. I found it growing in a thick patch of woods. The base of the trunk is large and sturdy, but cast in shadows of the surrounding trees. As it was growing, this tree needed sunlight. Somehow, over the many years of its life, this tree found a way to reach for the sun. It grew in a way that was best for it, not caring about how it looked or what anyone else thought. This tree did what it needed to do. You can learn a lot from a tree.

Here is a peek of the river. Like most things in life, the “getting there” was more fun than the “arriving”. However, I do enjoy spending time near the water.

I really enjoyed my walk today and it helped to shake some of the “blues” I felt when I woke  up. It also made me think about my life, and how I could change some things. I still struggle with the idea of my actions making others unhappy, but I see now that my happiness is important, too. Today I went for a walk because it made me happy. I wonder what I might do tomorrow?



I am feeling a little blue today. Nothing big; just a heaviness in my heart. I was busy all day yesterday helping my daughter, so I have much to do today, and yet I feel like doing nothing. Dirty clothes need washing; the floors need swept, mopped, and vacuumed; clutter has somehow crawled out of the woodwork and created disarray; and dust (no, not fairy dust, the yucky kind)  dulls the surfaces. When I am down ( not full-blown I can’t get up depressed, just the melancholy kind) I feel overwhelmed by what needs completed. Here is the gift I give myself today: I give me permission to take it easy. I will complete needed tasks today, but not everything. That’s okay. I love to make lists, so I will create a list and check off tasks as I complete them. I will also leave time for me. I can relax, work on art, or take photographs. Today, I will be kind to me.

As I sit  here writing this, I can hear the birds chirping outside. Birds have such a lovely, happy sound. Perhaps I will take my camera outside for a bit. The morning air is still cool and the trees are all wearing their beautiful spring leaves. The skies are overcast, but a hint of a sunny day is there. Yes, this is a moment I need to capture.