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The Clunker and I, Back Together Again July 13, 2012

I’M B-A-A-A-A-A-A-C-C-C-C-C-C-K!!!

I am home again after a lovely vacation. It was a wonderful (and much-needed) break from the reality of life. The posts that I made were all made on my smarter than me phone, and I had some trouble seeing and replying to comments. I’ve tried to go back and catch up, but if I missed you please know that I am sorry! Also, I had trouble reading all of your posts, so you may see me go back and ‘like’ or comment on things that are two weeks old.

Now I am back on my trusty old laptop. It’s a clunker, but it’s mine and we are comfortable together! It knows how to find the comments, read posts, and catch up on Facebook.

A few weeks ago I started applying all tags and categories that WordPress suggested,  just for laughs. I couldn’t do this from my phone while I was away, so today I sat down on the clunker and updated all of my posts. I am seriously sitting here laughing out loud at the suggestions! Here are just a few:

* For my poem, “love”, the suggestions included ‘conditions and diseases’. REALLY, WordPress? Love is a disease now? Reminds me of an old song…

*Also for the poem “Love”, it tagged it with ‘WWE Raw‘. As in wrestling. No comment.

*”My Dear Old Friend”, a poem about a tree, WordPress tagged  with ‘cardiovascular disorder’ and ‘Christianity‘. I don’t remember the tree being a christian and having clogged arteries. Maybe it won’t outlive me, after all.

*”Rainey’s Ramblings” had several great suggestions. ‘Pittsburgh Steelers‘ is listed between ‘mental disorder’ and ‘profanity’. Hmmmmm…..

*Another poem I wrote, “Sun and Water: A Haiku”, had some interesting tags as well. How about, ‘Miss Piggy‘, ‘Technology of the Discworld‘ and ‘Variety (magazine)’. I don’t even know what Technology of the Discworld means! And what does Miss Piggy have to do with my fingers dangling in the water? Is WordPress suggesting I am fat?

*One post I made, “Wishing”, was a short post. In fact, this was the ENTIRE post: “Wishing I had peace in my heart. Wishing J could find her center.” What did WordPress come up with? ‘Nonprofit Organization‘, ‘Luke Perry‘, and ‘Activism and Peace Work’.

Wow. As I type all of this on the old clunker, I can’t help but wonder, what will WordPress suggest for this post?


Sun and Water: A Haiku July 8, 2012


The silver water
Dances around my fingers
In the summer sun