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Promises February 13, 2014

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Make me promises

of better days to come

I need to believe

there is still hope.

Make me promises

even if they are lies

of love yet found

and smiles yet seen.

Make me promises

of a future worth living

speak of beauty

I’ve yet to see.

Make me promises

that forever you’ll stay

holding me close

whispering new promises.



Yesterday March 20, 2012

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Yesterday seems like a long time ago

when you kissed me, a light sparkling in your eyes

birds stopped singing and time stood still

as you and I stood alone in the world.


Yesterday was a memory of the past

we had youth and precious freedom

when fortune seemed forever on our side

not yet knowing what changes time would soon bring.


Yesterday was a glimpse of the future

a new life that could be

when the rest of the world falls away

and it is you and I once again.