Rainey Daze and Crazy Nights

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My Personal Pledge to Thrive March 1, 2013

I choose to not only survive, but thrive.

Today is a clean slate; a fresh start. It is one day closer to the last moments of my life on Earth, so I will make it worthwhile. Whatever this day holds, I will live in the moment and embrace it. When others are negative or have a bad attitude toward me, I will remember that we all live in private pain, so I will respond with kindness and good humor. When I feel burdened by my own private pain, I will remember to breath deeply, listen to music, and spend time outdoors because that always reminds me of the greatness and beauty of this world.

Daisies Make Me Smile



Passion of Winter and Earth January 26, 2013

Winter and Earth

Winter slowly rakes his frozen nails

down Earth’s brown, sloping back

Earth trembles at his soft touch

afraid, yet excited, at what is yet to come

Winter gently blows his cool breath

against Earth’s lovely breasts

creating frost at each summit

Earth holds her breath, tingling, anticipating…

Snow drifts form

where their bodies join together

winds whip and whirl around them

an intense blizzard rages

as their passion builds and grows

Winter throws back his head and moans

as Earth bucks once more beneath him

the storm is over

only a few soft snowflakes left to fall

as the passion

between Winter and Earth

is spent.