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Reflection January 28, 2012

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When i stare into my mirror at my reflection

i ask myself what will you see?

will you see the physical me of our youth-

liquid brown eyes, smooth unblemished skin

pert breasts and forever legs…

Or perhaps you will see my young heart-

untarnished, loving, full of youthful dreams

undeterred by reality, hopeful for all that would come…

What happens if, when your eyes finally touch mine

for the first time in many years

you only see the physical me of today-

tired, lived-in skin, the added pounds of unhappy life

a middle age physique …

Will you turn away? Or will you look again

Will you see past the exterior and peer deeper,  into my heart-

battered, beaten, and damaged from abuse

but a heart that is still beating

just for you.