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No Means No May 27, 2013

She was raped. That son of a bitch raped her last night. I am boiling with fury and probably shouldn’t be allowed to blog right now but I have to let it out somehow or I will hunt him down and cut off his dick. If you are offended by my language then please don’t read this post. I am seriously trying to keep from going after him. I do not need to go to jail, because then who would she have? Her dad, who lives in la-la land? Or her sister, who gets angry every time J’s bipolar/anxiety prevents her from being “normal”?

I have always joked that if someone raped either of my daughters I would take him in a house and nail his dick to the windowsill. I would then set the house on fire and hand him a knife and tell him, “You get to choose. My daughter did not.” I thought I was joking. Now I know I was not. I want to inflict terrible pain on him. I want to see him beg for mercy. How could that son of a bitch do that to her? She is already so fragile….years of work probably undone because he wanted to get off.

To think, this was a “nice boy” whom I knew and LIKED!!! It wasn’t one of the losers she found on the dating sites (nothing against dating sites, but J is known for picking losers and it never turns out well); this was a “local” guy who seemed very earnest and straight-forward. My heart is broken for her. She will not press charges because they will never stick. And I agree; they will not stick.

J told him no. Forcefully. Repeatedly. But she did not fight. She did not scream for help. She kept saying no and crying but did not stop him. My guess is because of her incredibly low self-esteem she just let him finish. She was so hurt and confused when she told me. My poor baby.

No means no.




Looking for Love March 22, 2012

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Each night after politely working the 9  to 5

she runs inside to slip off her office-wear

tosses aside her brown sensible shoes

and dons the garb of her nights.

Her hair flows down her back in loose curls

body encased in black leather and lace

makeup outlines her flashing eyes and  pout

stilettos add six inches to her form.

Within the hour she struts into a new bar

wearing her armor to guard her heart

she scans the throngs of beautiful people

waiting to be accepted into the crowd.

Many hours later she finds herself

in a strange room with a new unknown man

she tip toes away from his snores

and silently slips into the night.

She feels the red-hot hatred build up inside

hating him for making promises and using her

hating herself more for what she had done

knowing it will repeat again and again.