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Different Doesn’t Mean Wrong August 12, 2013

Why is there so much hatred in the world for anyone or anything “different” from the norm? Do we really want a world filled with carbon copies of bland sameness? I think fear plays a role; many fear what they don’t understand. But it goes so much deeper than that. The old “Survival of the fittest” instinct kicks in, even in this day and time. For some reason, things that make us “different” are viewed as weaknesses. In reality, it is often those differences that make a person a survivor. These differences bring us, as humans, forward as a race. Without these wonderful differences and the unique qualities of people, we would not have the scientific genius of Einstein, the artistic genius of Van Gogh, or the mental genius of Aristotle.

I remain hopeful that the internet, yes, the great World Wide Web, will help erase the stigma of different. The web allows humans to connect in ways we never imagined. It is doubtful that I could ever afford to travel to Uganda and share ideas, but here, on the ‘net, I can do that with a few strokes of my fingers. I can get the opinion of  a sassy Colombian lady who lives in Canada, or check in on life in the United Kingdom. Do these online friends have different opinions than mine? Yes, sometimes they do. Do they have different experiences, heartaches, triumphs? Certainly. I learn so much from their thoughts and adventures! I see the uniqueness of each of them and I feel blessed that they share that uniqueness with me and the rest of the world. Perhaps, one day, we can learn to celebrate those qualities that make us each uniquely human.



Be a Good Person, America July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July, America! Today is a day of barbecues and fireworks across our country. On this day we set aside our political differences and celebrate being an American. Honestly I am not always proud of some of our choices as a nation, but I am proud of our forefathers and the principals on which our country was founded. Sometimes we forget the meaning behind the words “all men are created equal”.  That means all PEOPLE….regardless of nationality, race, sex, size, color, mental capacity, or sexual orientation. When my children were young, I taught them to look at a person’ s heart; look at a person’ s actions; listen to a person’ s words; only then can you judge a person. I wish more adults would practice this because our children practice what we DO, not what we SAY. Don’ t forget, our children will inherit this mess of a world we have created, and they will be in charge one day.
So as we stuff ourselves with barbecued burgers and steak, as we watch fireworks bursting in air, let’ s remember to be decent, tolerant, loving Americans.

*This is as political as I will ever get!