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What’s Greater Than Overwhelmed? August 16, 2012

Or maybe due to being completely overwhelmed!

What’s greater than overwhelmed? Is there even a word to describe how I feel right now? I am so far in over my head I cannot even see the tunnel, let alone the light at the end of the tunnel.

The past couple of weeks I have prepared for my new job. I have been in one training session after another with more and more new information poured on top of the packing, unpacking, sorting and tossing I must do. My hand aches from the copious amount of notes I am writing; this is far worse than earning the college degree I possess. There are not enough hours in the day to complete the work that’s needed to get ready for this job. Am I whining right now? Hell yes! Am I doubting my decision to take this job? Unbelievably so! I cry every day on my drive home and when I take a shower. How stupid was I to think I would like this job, or even DO this job?

I will, however, give it a year. I can survive a year (I think). It will take that long for me to truly see if I can do this. If not, I will not consider it a failure; I will simply know this is not for me and view it as a learning experience.

Tomorrow is the official first day. I’m too tired to be nervous. Right now, I am too exhausted to think; all I can do is breathe.


After the Job Training August 8, 2012

Thank you to everyone who wished me luck and sent good thoughts my way! I really appreciate it!

Well….(drum roll, please)…Today went fine. I had an all day training session for my new job and I was nervous about it and about my new job that starts August 17. (I wrote a post about it this morning). All in all, I feel better. I’m NOT the only one who feels lost and overwhelmed; others taking the training today felt the same way.

The scariest part of my job is not knowing exactly what is to be done. I like to know exactly what is to be done, but this job is a little different because I will wear many “hats”. I’m a liaison person; I will be helping various groups of people and bridging the gap between them and the bosses. There are several components to the job, and I will need to address the needs of my people as I see fit. Sometimes I will be training groups of people in new procedures. At times I have to model correct techniques because I am now considered the “expert”. That’s damn scary! I have never felt like an expert at anything I do!

At least the training gave me some ideas of what I am to do. Now, I have my new planner to fill out with all the upcoming meetings and training sessions I have…starting with “Training: Day 2 tomorrow”…

Hope you all, my dear friends, have a great day!