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To Do List August 4, 2013

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Daily To Do List:

1. Live

2. Appreciate that I am living

3. Notice little things of beauty because it makes me happy

4. Speak with a smile in my voice, eyes, and heart

5. Learn new things




Life Quote by Rainey January 18, 2013



Her Beauty January 13, 2013

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Her incredible beauty calls to me

her arms

outstretched toward the indigo sky

beckon me

to slowly venture much closer

Reaching out

I run my fingers along her curves

so gently

She sways beneath my touch

begging me

so I focus the lens on her beauty

capturing her

in this moment in time, forever,

the tree.


Photos, Adventures, and Thinking: Recipe for a Great Day January 12, 2013

It was a beautiful day for an adventure. I traveled far, but didn’t get as many shots as I wanted. I’m okay with that, though, because the journey itself was soothing and somewhat restored my good spirits. Traveling gives me time to ponder many of life’s questions, and reflect on the problems in my soul. More on some of my thoughts later. For now I will say: I realized I have spent too much of my life living for others because I thought it was the “right” thing to do. Thinking of my own needs only made me feel selfish. I must work to change that mindset because it makes me miserable and only enables others to be more dependent on me. That may seem simple to you, but it is a life-changing thought for me.

It has been a long and lovely day.

Amber Waves and Blue Skys



Notice the Beauty to Survive the Challenges December 31, 2012

Well, here it is: New Year‘s Eve. Time to reflect on the year behind me and make well-meaning resolution that will supposedly bring me happiness and a better tomorrow.

Sorry. I can’t do it. Even though I am generally an optimistic person,  my personal year of 2012 was difficult and overwhelming. So, I will not sit here and ponder what has already been; most is too painful to see all at once. I have to view the hard parts a little at a time because the big picture is just too much.

2013: what will you hold? What delights, what beauties will you bring? What struggles will I face? My one wish is to remember to focus on the beauty of the little things in life. I want to see the sunlight glinting off of the water. I want to inhale the smell of snow falling in the silent forest. I vow to see the joy on a child’s face while holding a puppy. I intend to revel in the warmth of sunlight on my face.

My goal for 2013? Become more aware and appreciative of the joys and beauties in life. Here’s wishing that you, too will appreciate the sun on your face and the smell of the rain and the beauty of a bloom. It may be just enough to help you through your own personal challenges.

Violet Beauty


My Dear Old Friend July 10, 2012

He gazes down at me
With wise, soulful eyes
I lean against his knee
As he tells me stories
Of long, long ago
When knights roamed the land
And beauty won the heart
Of the bellowing beast
He holds the answers to questions
Of our near and distant past
He whispers the sweet secrets
Of lovers spoken in the heart
He is old, gnarled and bent
With his numerous years
Wiser than any I have known
He has already lived long
And will live beyond me
My dear old friend, the tree.



All Alone with People, Ducks, and Geese May 12, 2012

As always, when I am entering depression I need alone time. I grab my camera, jump in the car, throw in some good music, and drive. I’m not a danger, (I don’t think),  but I go into a fugue state where I zone out for a while and drive by auto-pilot. When I come to, I usually find myself near water. Today was no exception.

I found myself at a small lake on the west side of a nearby town. I sat on the bench and watched the ducks, geese, and people. There was a boy, about three years old, with his grandfather who sat on the hood of the truck and ate McDonald’s. They sat together and watched the ducks while bonding over cheeseburgers and fries. Another man sat with his young son in the car. They had a snack of animal crackers and shared sippy straw juice drinks. After eating, the father carried the son to see the birds up close. The child seemed frightened of the noise the geese made, but interested in seeing them from the safety of his dad’s arms. I watched two people out in the lake fishing from a boat . They seemed content to just fish together without conversation. Maybe there was nothing to say because they just enjoyed the time together. More people stood fishing on a short pier. They, too seemed content to just be together without many words.

I feel invisible when I observe people like this. No one sees me, no one acknowledges me. I am fine with this. Where I live, I am semi-famous, well-known for my job in this small community. I like being able to fade into the background for a change.