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Having Fun December 30, 2012

It is cold today. This is a great day to curl up with a good book or watch a movie on the tube. My preference, of course, is to curl up with my computer and edit my photos.  I love going back through old ones and discovering a different beauty that I hadn’t noticed before.

Photography has become my newest way to express myself. I am very much an amateur, but I am okay with that. I know what I like, so I take pictures of it. All I have is my little digital Nikon and a free online editing program, but it suits me for now. I don’t have the drive to make jewelry or complete paintings at this point in time; I hope I feel those creative urges again. As long as I can write and produce some visual type of work, I am a happy soul.

Most of my posts are on my other website. I don’t write anything, except the titles, because I want my followers to have their own sense of the photograph. Many of my photos I take because I felt some feeling or mood in the frame, but I don’t know if that comes across to others or not. So, no words, just photos so it can evoke an emotion in you. I save my words for this blog!

Here are a few for you to (hopefully) enjoy.

Leaping Ladies


Ocean Focus

Through the Window



Save Me



Just For Fun July 23, 2012

Just for fun, before I go to bed, here are a few chuckles…

That’s a joke; like I would even run!

Serving a little truth today!

Bahahaha! I could just see some old lady’s face if I said this!

Yeah, that would be MY luck!

NOW I remember why I need therapy! 🙂


I Need a Laugh Today July 21, 2012

I thought it might do me some good to start with a laugh today. Hope it helps us all!

Yes, yes it does…

The look on my face should say it, but just in case I will wear this button.

This makes me giggle…every time! (And I hear it in the Red Bull voice-over)

Dogs: 5   Human Dummies: 0

Accident? I think not…

How I have felt the last three days…


Rainy Day Songs Part 2 July 20, 2012

A few more rainy day songs…


Rainy Day Songs Part 1

There are many songs about rain. Here are a few that I like:


A Self-titled Poem July 19, 2012


caring, artistic, friendly, unsettled
Sibling of a far-away sis and unkind brother

Lover of music, nature, travels, and all things artsy

Who fears not being loved

Who needs unconditional love and acceptance

Who gives acceptance, love, and truth

Who would like to see the world 

Resident of America the not so great but the always beautiful



Just for fun, I used this form, you can find it here, to write a poem all about me. Here is what it looks like:

Write an Instant “All About Me” Poem


Line 1: First Name
Line 2: Four descriptive traits
Line 3: Sibling of…
Line 4: Lover of   
Line 5: Who fears…   
Line 6: Who needs…   
Line 7: Who gives…   
Line 8: Who would like to see…   
Line 9: Resident of…   
Line 10: Last Name   

It’s fun and makes you think…try it! 🙂




What’s Love Got to Do With It? July 15, 2012

She moaned in pleasure as his hand gently cupped her breast. Their kiss deepened and another moan escaped her lips. Just when she thought she would explode, he….

What is love? Is it out of control hot sex? Is it remembering her birthday? Is it dinner and a movie, and then (hopefully) out of control hot sex? Can you love someone and NOT have sex? There are so many levels of love, and I’m not even talking about the love you feel for your parents, friends, or for your children; I’m talking about what you feel for a significant other.

There’s that moment of  butterflies in the pit of your stomach; where every look, every word, is heavy with meaning. The air is thick with electricity when you are near one another. Being apart for too long feels physically painful and your every waking thought is of your love.

There is also that love that comes from shared experiences. When you hear a song, or a phrase, and it means something to the two of you. You look at each other and a certain meaning is conveyed that only the two of you get. You have inside jokes, and you know how to push each other’s buttons. Being together is comforting and sweet.

Love is painful. Only a person you truly love and care about can cut your heart to shreds with words or actions. If you love someone, you open your heart and let them in, making yourself vulnerable. When they lash out at you, the pain is indescribable. But to experience the incredible highs, you must experience the lows. It gives your love depth and meaning.

So what about sex? Sex is a wonderful experience to share with another person. When you have sex with someone you really love, it adds a layer of pleasurable textures that cannot be described. It heightens every touch to a new and wonderful level. Does that mean every single sexual encounter with the one you love is going to make you see fireworks and shooting stars? No, but when you focus on that connection, it can be terrific!

Love is so many things…if you find love, grab hold and hang on! It may not always be rainbows and butterflies, but it will be interesting! (And there will be hot sex at least some of the time!)

P.S. I love that WordPress recommended these tags: wine tasting descriptors and Wikipedia….lol


The Beast Within July 11, 2012

I am cloaked in my words
Hidden behind politeness and niceties
My dark inner beast hides
Peeking out in small spurts of anger
Viciously clawing and cutting
The softer side of me
I swallow him whole
Bitter acid floods my throat
But I swallow again, and I win
The beast is contained, safety inside
Unable to lash out at the world
He can only harm me
I am strong, stronger than he
I take the pain of holding him
He claws and chews
Shredding my soul
I smile and clamp my teeth
The beast will never win.