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Just a Normal Week April 6, 2011

Filed under: crisis,life,living,Mid-life — rainey46 @ 12:13 pm

So, what just happened here?  Did I have a breakdown of sorts?  Did my body just say, “Enough is enough!”?  This is what happened…

Last week was your normal, run-of-the-mill week. My fifth grade students had the usual assortment of problems, my home life was non-descriptive, and my second job (a tutoring business) was busy as usual.  I had felt very overwhelmed and irritated, though, but no real reason.  My 23-year-old daughter is bipolar, and she was near crisis, but that is an ongoing issue that I deal with, so not really unusual.  I noticed I was having some heaviness or pressure in my chest during the week, but dismissed it as stress.  On Friday, I got very upset with a student and had a very noticeable tightening in my chest and tingling in my left arm.  I also had an intense, sudden headache and felt nauseous.  Now, I am not stupid, I knew what these things meant, but I did not feel like I needed a doctor.  I continued working, but that weekend I did nothing.  absolutely nothing.  Anyone who knows me knows that is NOT normal!  I felt completely drained.  By Sunday, even my laid-back husband wanted me to go to get checked out, so I drove myself to urgent care.  Before I knew it, I was in an ambulance being taken to the hospital and placed in the cardiac unit.

Good news? I did not have a heart attack, nor do I have any blockages.  The bad news? I have high blood pressure to the point of needing medication.  Also, I must cut the stress in my life. Haha, good one, I thought.   So, what am I to do?  Right now, I have taken a few days off from both of my jobs as I contemplate changes I need to make.  This was my wake up call, and I am going to listen.  I guess this is my next journey.