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Peace December 25, 2013

I know that it is difficult for many to make it through this time of year (myself included). Just know that you are not alone in your feelings, and that there is a brighter and better tomorrow. Take a deep breathe and take it one moment at a time. If being around relatives is difficult, just remember: YOU control how you feel. Do not give others that power. Do not allow yourself to fall into the trap of being reactive.

If you are alone (not by choice) try volunteering at a soup kitchen or shelter. You will be lifted by what your kindness can do for others.

I wish you all peace, love, and joy this holiday season.


Seasonal Songs..Uncut December 6, 2013

Somehow I think that some lyrics of many famous Christmas songs are not as well-known as others.


Let’s sing some now, shall we?

Deck the Halls: Uncut

Deck the halls with tacky bling bling


I wrote this song for you to sing sing,


Now we drink with merry pleasure

While we laugh ’bout nasty weather




Or how about this one?


Oh, Christmas Tree: Uncut

Oh Christmas tree

Oh Christmas tree,

Your tackiness delights us.

Oh Christmas tree

Oh Christmas tree,

Your tackiness delights us.

Your costly lights oh how they shine

I cannot pay that bill of mine!

Oh Christmas tree

Oh Christmas tree,

Your tackiness delights us.

Or this classic:


Up On the Housetop: Uncut

Up on the housetop,

reindeer slide

tired of pulling a fat man’s ride

Huffing and puffing and needing a break

Wishing he had  eaten one less steak.



The Tree Got Decorated, but Not According to Planned December 1, 2013

English: A bauble on a Christmas tree.

English: A bauble on a Christmas tree. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like most things in my life lately, today did not go as planned.

We planned on going through all the many boxes of Christmas decorations and throwing out the junk and taking what we didn’t want to the secondhand store. We planned to decorate the tree this morning. It did get decorated…eventually.

My daughter S and her partner E came over early this morning and brought us breakfast. J got up feeling grumpy, but she seemed to shake it off. We ate and started making plans to decorate. J got upset and reminded us that she was going to church with a friend. We promised we would wait until she returned.

J has struggled a lot lately with bipolar, thyroid problems, and OCD. We are not a family that attends church, but J talked to a good friend who told her to come to her church and attend counseling with the preacher. I am not fond of this idea for several reasons, but I will save that for another post. However I kept my reservations to myself and wished her well.

She didn’t return until 2:00. She said it was great and she seemed happy. We pulled out all the boxes we needed and spread everything out in the living room. The dogs (4 of them) had played outside all day and managed to get all 16 paws filthy! S asked her sister a simple question. Nothing major; just a question.

“Are there still dishes in the sink?” (She wanted to wash paws before allowing the dogs to come in the house).

For some reason, this question from her sister sent J over the edge. She yelled at S and told her to “get off her back” and said she “couldn’t handle this right now.” She then stormed off to her room.

S looked at me and said, “I just asked her a simple question.” J SCREAMED “I can hear you, you know!” So S went to her room and tried to talk to her. She calmly told her that she just asked about the sink because the dogs needed to be cleaned, and that we had waited all day for her to help us decorate the tree, and we would really like her to join us. (S has learned how to talk to J when she gets like this from years of experience.)

S came out but J stayed in her room. We went through the motions of getting the boxes open to begin sorting, but to be honest I was in a daze and don’t really know what we were doing. After a few minutes, J comes out of her room with her keys in her  hand. I tried talking to her but she ignored me and walked past and out the door. I went after her, but she was already in the car. I told her to hand me her keys but she refused. I was so scared she would drive off and hurt herself! By this time hubs came out to help me. I kept asking and she kept refusing. I suddenly felt overwhelmingly tired to my very core. I looked at hubs and told him I couldn’t do this and walked away. He took the keys from her. As I reached the house I heard her scream “THEN I WILL WALK!” as she slammed her car door.

J began walking down the road. Barefoot. I don’t know what was going on in her head, and she doesn’t remember. She didn’t go far before she turned around and came back to the yard. She sat right in the ditch. Hubs walked out to her and it was as if she were coming out of some sort of fugue. She started crying hysterically and asking, “Why am I in the ditch? What happened?” He led her back to me.

We calmed her down. Then we decorated the tree.



Finding the Happy Middle

We did it. We went, we ate, we talked, and we made it out: alive and still friendly with all family members. Thanksgiving 2013: conquered.

On to Christmas. Tis the season to be jolly….to overspend on crap we don’t need…to eat until we gain weight… That is how it has felt for me the last few years.  But this year, it feels different. Not the way it was when my daughters were young, and everything was over the top. I seem to have found my Christmas spirit for the first time in a few years. I’m actually putting up a tree and a few decorations. Keep in mind, prior to 5 years ago, my house was the glow you could see on the horizon. Every bush and every tree sparkled and glowed. Icicles glimmered from the roof line, and trees peeked from every window. Then my spirit abandoned me. I didn’t even want a tree, and buying gifts was a chore.

I seem to have found a  happy middle. I’m kind of liking this.


‘Twas the Night Before Christmas in LeClown’s World December 21, 2012

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This is a new and improved version of an old classic…dedicated to Le Clown. Le Clown, your wit always makes me giggle and cheers me up. Thank you for what you bring to my world! Hugs, ~Rainey

Twas the night before Christmas  and all through Le townLe Clown

not a Carnie was resting not even Le Clown.

Credit cards were flying from wallets without care

the bills would soon follow buyer’s remorse beware.


Le Children were frolicking and bouncing in beds

with visions of skateboards and dollies in their heads

and Ringmistress in her leathers, and I in my chains

had just started whipping and playing fun games.


When out on the snow there came a great sound

I sprang off Ringmistress to see who was around

away to the igloo window my chains I drug

Tore open the window and stuttered out, “DUH?”


The moon on the breast of magnificent Ringmistress

made me stop stupid, and I almost missed it

When, what to my wondering eyes should I see

but a tiny bobsled pulled by six snarling snow bees.


With a little old driver, so decrepit and slow

I knew it twas David Dixon, drunk and on the go!

Much slower than turtles his bees they came

and he yelled, “I can’t whistle and I don’t care your fucking names!”


“Just move, damn you! Get your asses in gear!

I’ve got a shit load of stuff to gather this year!

To the top of the porch! To the top of the wall

Just fly your ass over and don’t let me fall!”


Then in an hour I heard over my head

the buzzing of bees and David as he said,

“Get the fuck out the way” as I turned around

down the chimney came David as he fell on Le Clown.


He was dressed all in flannel, from his toe to his hat

His clothes were filthy with  bat shit and all that

A bundle of junk he had flung on his back

and he looked like a bum just waiting to attack.


His eyes, how they glowed! So drunk, he called me Mary!

His cheeks were like roses, flushed from drinking the sherry!

His fat little mouth was drawn up in a snarl

and his crumb-filled beard was matted and gnarled.


The stump of a blunt he held tight in yellow teeth

and the smoke surrounded us and I got high on the reef

He had a big head and an expansively big gut

that shook when he coughed and called me a slut.


He was scary and mean,  a menacing mad man

and I pissed my pants as I gazed up at him

A wink of his eye and his creepy old grin

made me cringe in fear as I pissed myself again,


He spoke not a word, but got right to work

He stole my electronics and called me a jerk

And sticking his middle finger beside of his nose

to hell he bid me as up the chimney he rose.


He sprang to his bobsled to the bees he did yell,

“It’s time to get going all the way back to hell!”

And I heard him bellow as he drove out of sight,

“Happy fucking Christmas and to all a good night!”

 This poem is a work of fiction. It must not be viewed as the truth. Unless it is the truth. Then it can be nonfiction.