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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas in LeClown’s World December 21, 2012

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This is a new and improved version of an old classic…dedicated to Le Clown. Le Clown, your wit always makes me giggle and cheers me up. Thank you for what you bring to my world! Hugs, ~Rainey

Twas the night before Christmas  and all through Le townLe Clown

not a Carnie was resting not even Le Clown.

Credit cards were flying from wallets without care

the bills would soon follow buyer’s remorse beware.


Le Children were frolicking and bouncing in beds

with visions of skateboards and dollies in their heads

and Ringmistress in her leathers, and I in my chains

had just started whipping and playing fun games.


When out on the snow there came a great sound

I sprang off Ringmistress to see who was around

away to the igloo window my chains I drug

Tore open the window and stuttered out, “DUH?”


The moon on the breast of magnificent Ringmistress

made me stop stupid, and I almost missed it

When, what to my wondering eyes should I see

but a tiny bobsled pulled by six snarling snow bees.


With a little old driver, so decrepit and slow

I knew it twas David Dixon, drunk and on the go!

Much slower than turtles his bees they came

and he yelled, “I can’t whistle and I don’t care your fucking names!”


“Just move, damn you! Get your asses in gear!

I’ve got a shit load of stuff to gather this year!

To the top of the porch! To the top of the wall

Just fly your ass over and don’t let me fall!”


Then in an hour I heard over my head

the buzzing of bees and David as he said,

“Get the fuck out the way” as I turned around

down the chimney came David as he fell on Le Clown.


He was dressed all in flannel, from his toe to his hat

His clothes were filthy with  bat shit and all that

A bundle of junk he had flung on his back

and he looked like a bum just waiting to attack.


His eyes, how they glowed! So drunk, he called me Mary!

His cheeks were like roses, flushed from drinking the sherry!

His fat little mouth was drawn up in a snarl

and his crumb-filled beard was matted and gnarled.


The stump of a blunt he held tight in yellow teeth

and the smoke surrounded us and I got high on the reef

He had a big head and an expansively big gut

that shook when he coughed and called me a slut.


He was scary and mean,  a menacing mad man

and I pissed my pants as I gazed up at him

A wink of his eye and his creepy old grin

made me cringe in fear as I pissed myself again,


He spoke not a word, but got right to work

He stole my electronics and called me a jerk

And sticking his middle finger beside of his nose

to hell he bid me as up the chimney he rose.


He sprang to his bobsled to the bees he did yell,

“It’s time to get going all the way back to hell!”

And I heard him bellow as he drove out of sight,

“Happy fucking Christmas and to all a good night!”

 This poem is a work of fiction. It must not be viewed as the truth. Unless it is the truth. Then it can be nonfiction.


A Canadian Wave July 22, 2012

Click through fast and you will see the wave! I took this series of shots while in Nova Scotia two years ago. So I guess this is a Canadian wave from a crazy American! Hugs, Rainey


Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Summer June 5, 2012

I am fortunate to live in a part of the world where we have distinct seasons. Each one holds something special and has a place in my heart.

Top 5 Reasons of Why I Love Summer

1. Endless Possibilities: A feeling leftover from childhood, but summer seems to hold the promise of so many possibilities. Want to go swimming? No problem. Grow flowers that call out to the butterflies, or vegetables to place on your table? Go for it. Want to create crafts with the little ones all day? Plenty of time for it. With longer, warmer days, summer is the perfect time for everything you ever wanted to do.

2. Warm Temperatures and Cool Dips: If you like warm days by the pool or on the beach, summer is the perfect season. I’m not a fan of super hot days, but I do enjoy the warmth of the sun on my body as long as I can take a cool dip in the water. This makes for a perfect contrast on a perfect day.

3. Summertime Bargain Shopping: Again, conditioned by my school years followed by years of taking my girls shopping, I love the sales the stores have in the summer! On the hottest of days, there is nothing better than slipping into a favorite (air-conditioned) store and finding a hot bargain!

4. Explorations: Summer has always been a time when I enjoy exploring something new. From something big, like the motorcycle trip I took to Nova Scotia, to something small, like checking out the new used bookstore in town, summer holds new adventures. Summer has always been a season of discoveries, both large and small.

5. The Promise of Autumn: By the end of the long, hot summer I am ready for a change. I know that soon autumn will arrive, and I can appreciate the glorious colors, the crispness of the air, and the tartness of fresh apples.


The Fishermen April 26, 2012



Low Tide April 24, 2012

These boats are waiting for the next day’s adventure as they sit at low tide.


Becoming a Pebble April 15, 2012

I sit on the highest slab of gray rock watching the swirling water below. The ocean slams hungrily against the rocky formations over and over again. The rock seems hard and unbending, but I  know that the water is slowly doing damage as the rock becomes smoother with each wave. It gives away a tiny piece of itself each time the water laps against it. This is what depression does to me. It eats away small pieces of me; pieces that will never be a part of me again. I can make it through, but I am never the same. What will happen when the depression smooths away all the edges, and I become just a small pebble?