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New Puppy June 25, 2013

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Yesterday, hubs took me to get a new puppy. I went to Riley’s grave and cried before we left. We went to look at one puppy and ended up coming home with his brother. He is the same breed, but looks nothing like Riley. I made sure of it.

He is a sweet, energetic little black fur-ball. I enjoy him, but I have no emotional ties to him. I pray that changes. As I sit in the floor and play with him, I cry because I miss Riley so much.

The puppy is a distraction. He takes constant supervision, as most pups do. My house is mostly puppy-proof, so I just close bedroom doors and he follows me around. Soph sits on the couch and watches him play.

I know I’ve fallen over another edge of depression; I can feel the tumble, yet I am helpless. I almost welcome it. Sophie, Riley’s female companion, is just as depressed. She is barely eating and will not come near the new pup. I hold her and we both watch the puppy while we mourn.




11 Responses to “New Puppy”

  1. I know mourning is awful and trying to bond with another animal while still in mourning for the loss of a beloved pet is even tougher. I just hope you give it a try. Puppies are bundles of energy and while this one won’t replace Riley for any of you, maybe just maybe the newbie will bring with this energy a new beginning in which you make more bonds and memories and laughs. 🙂

  2. I’m so sorry. I hope you’ll be able to find some love for the new puppy. To be very candid, is it the right time to get a new puppy?

    • rainey Says:

      I didn’t really think so. The depth of my sadness has surprised even me. But hubs, who really means well, insisted. He was going to go get one whether I went or not. So I gave in. The pup has made me laugh for the first time since I lost Riley, so I guess that’s a start. I just worry about being able to form a special bond with him. He will have a great home, no matter what.

      • After my Ivan died, it took me seven years to get to where I really wanted a new puppy. She’s great, sweet and beautiful, but of a different breed, which is both good and bad. I had really got used to the quick intelligence and desire to serve and protect of the German Shepherd, and this one is a Lhasa Apso, who has her own idea of how to play. But she snuggles with me all night, and that is a great comfort. I hope your pup will integrate into your family soon….love and hugs….

  3. lala1966 Says:

    aww, I hope that in time you will create a bond with the new pup. It will not be the same but hopefully good in a different way xx

  4. sakuraandme Says:

    I hope over time things get a little easier for you. Hugs to the new puppy. …Paula xx

  5. ksbeth Says:

    That must be very hard and hopefully the new pup will you both to a renewed sense of joy and reminder that life will be happy again. Riley would like to see you happy again I’m sure )

  6. DeeDee Says:

    I’m so sorry you’ve lost your beloved companion.

    Give it some time – the new puppy will be just as dear to you before long. In a slightly different way, of course.

    When our prior dog was going downhill fast, we got another dog several months before it was time to put him down. Otherwise it would have felt like trying to “replace” our old guy, and there was no replacing him. It worked really well – the new dog brought a spark back to the old guy for awhile, and when it was time to say goodbye to the senior canine, we weren’t dog-less (which would have been awful for my husband.)

  7. Do you have any pictures of your new little guy yet????

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