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Life is So Hard and He Said Hello June 3, 2013

WHY? WHY? WHY? Why does life have to be so hard for her? Why does she feel so much pain all the time? I don’t understand how these things keep happening to her, when she is such a good, decent person.

J had a terrible weekend. She has been cycling badly for days now. Her psychiatrist is out-of-town, and she will not see anyone else. Then Sunday, she went to the grocery store. Guess who she ran into? Yep, the rapist. AND HE SAID HELLO LIKE IT WAS ANY NORMAL DAY. She said she felt like vomiting.

Today her work called me. J had a seizure and the ambulance took her to the emergency room.

Turns out it was not a real epileptic seizure, but a pseudo-seizure brought on by stress. I’m sure it felt real enough to her.

Stress is a terrible, horrible monster. Trust me, I know.


5 Responses to “Life is So Hard and He Said Hello”

  1. ksbeth Says:

    she needs a break, good thoughts her way )

  2. purpleowltree1234 Says:

    I’m deeply sorry J was hurt so badly. 😦 I feel sick for her and for you. I see such strength in her. And such pain. I care tons for both of you. Please be gentle on yourselves as you can be. You both matter. I’m glad you are standing firmly with her. Your validation will help her get through this. I can barely imagine the pain you must feel seeing hergo through this. I care so very. Very. Much. Thinking of you both.
    Much love from Rach.

  3. sakuraandme Says:

    Oh no! I’m really sorry. The poor girl must be so distraught. HUgs to you both…Paula xxx

  4. MBC Says:

    Sorry for this very male view but shoot the bastard!

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