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Truth or Dare…If You Dare! May 12, 2013

Truth or Dare time….

TRUTH: I once flushed a set of car keys down the toilet. In a mental hospital while visiting my daughter. Did I mention they were rental car keys and I was 2,600 miles from home?

TRUTH: I used to pretend to like steamed oysters just so I could hang out with my dad and his buddies. I really thought they were gross (the oysters, not his buddies), but I loved spending time with my dad.

TRUTH: I am sometimes attracted to men, and sometimes to women. I think it is  a certain quality I find appealing, not sexuality.

TRUTH: Dog poop, dog vomit….neither bothers me at all. Let a kid throw up, and I am running the other way!

TRUTH: If I burp, I ALWAYS say excuse me. Even if I am alone.

DARE: I dare you to tell me a truth about YOU!


4 Responses to “Truth or Dare…If You Dare!”

  1. ksbeth Says:

    as a child i used to eat rich black soil, baby ants off the sidewalk, and wood from freshly cut trees – made me the woman i am today )

  2. I once spent a week going nuts looking for my Febreeze. Then I got ketchup out for my kid’s chicken nuggets one day and noticed this blue bottle next to it…Um, everyone keeps fabric refresher in the fridge right? I’m a bit of a flake 😉

    • rainey Says:

      Bahaha! That made me laugh out loud…because it sounds just like me! I once found my keys….IN THE FREEZER!! By the way; I think I like you. You and I could be friends in real life! 🙂

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