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Random Rambles by Rainey May 9, 2013

Time for a ramble on all the things that roll around in my head. There’s plenty of room up there, you know.

1. Why does America have to be so politically correct? This country is so busy tip-toeing around, trying not to offend, that it is offensive! I would rather have my country piss off a few groups of people than to walk some political tightrope. Just grow a pair, and have a backbone. It’s okay if we don’t all agree; we can pretend to be grown ups and work it out…like we tell our children to do.

2. Why do we have car alarms? When was the last time you felt alarmed when you heard one? They are so common, no one even pays attention any more.

3. Why do snack cakes come packaged in sets of two, but when you read the serving label, a serving is one cake? Really? Who eats just one Twinkie?

4. Have you ever locked your keys in your car? My daughter did. The nice firemen came and  jimmied the lock for her. Not once did they ask for proof that the car was hers. Hmmmm…

5. Have you noticed (I’m sure you have, unless you live under a rock) the cost of new clothes? It is outrageous! Plus-sized clothes cost even more, but I guess that is justified because it takes more material to make it, right? Then why are the really skimpy clothes so over-priced? Shouldn’t the shorts that barely cover a girl’s butt be cheaper?  Whores unite! Whore clothes should be CHEAP!

6. I have a confession. I really, truly dislike mosquitoes and gnats. There. I’ve admitted the truth. They are the only living things that I really dislike and see no reason the ecosystem would not benefit from their demise. If you love them, I am sorry. No, I’m not. I still hate them.

7. People should have to pass a test to do two things: have children (parenting test) and go to Wal-mart (clothing test).  I’m not sure which one would help our society the most.



3 Responses to “Random Rambles by Rainey”

  1. lala1966 Says:

    I enjoyed your rant! I completely get the thing about car alarms and all this political correctness! 😉

  2. One more thing…If Mrs Obama wants everyone to be skinny and eat healthier, why is it cheaper to buy a dozen McDoubles than some fresh fruit and veggies??? I’m with you on the test to be a parent. You need a license to fish but you just need reproductive organs to be a parent. I probably would have failed the test but then again, I passed my driver’s test and couldn’t even properly parallel park so maybe not. 🙂

    • rainey Says:

      YES! Why DOES it cost so much to eat healthy, unprocessed food? As for the driving test, unless you live and drive in a big city, how often have you ever had to parallel park? 😉

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