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For a Friend: Patience April 15, 2013

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For you, MBC. You are worth it.


2 Responses to “For a Friend: Patience”

  1. MBC Says:

    Rainey, your compassion and generosity overwhelms me. Thank you for the sentiment. I will try to find some compassion for myself. I hope a ray of sunshine always lightens your day!

    • rainey Says:

      My friend, I have so, so often been in that dark, endless no-mans-land that you are in; my heart breaks for you. If I could give you a shoulder to lean on, I would. But I also know that there is really nothing…nothing at all…that I (or anyone) could say or do to chase the darkness away. I can just say I am here, I understand, and I will be here if and when you feel the need to talk.

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