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You and I April 9, 2013

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The rain sprinkles my skin with love

reminding me of butterfly kisses

and the taste of your hungry lips.


The warmth spreads from my heart

to deep within my soul

as I remember the heat of your touch.


We danced in the rain, you and I

letting the warm, steady rain

mold our bodies together into one.


I miss those days when nothing else mattered

just you and I, dancing to unheard music

alone in the beautiful rain.





6 Responses to “You and I”

  1. deelaytful Says:

    Very sensual! I love it!

  2. This is beautiful…It reminded me of a former relationship where he and I spent a lot of time in the rain and how good things were until they weren’t…Thanks for sharing. That your words could evoke a personal experience for me…You are very talented, Luv.

  3. Alastair Says:

    Sexy without being graphic. I like that

  4. sakuraandme Says:

    The thought of dancing in the rain feels liberating! đŸ™‚ I loved this….Hugs Paula xx

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