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Gypsy is Home With Paint in Her Hair April 1, 2013

Since I am off work for an entire, glorious, much-needed week, I am giving the gypsy some free rein. Well, as much free rein as I can since I have no money to travel.

So, Small Town me is in the back seat. That’s right, she is no longer in the driver’s seat…for at least a week! I dusted off my paint brushes and turned gypsy loose. My arms, hands, and shoulder length brown hair are streaked with hues of yellow, green and blue. I move between the back porch and my studio, both dogs trailing behind me. I am at my happiest when creating something. I’ve already thrown away two pieces (I’m a little rusty) but I don’t even care! I completed one piece using my wood burning kit and I love it. It’s for my camper. Another piece, seen below, is very vivid and fun. I had a great time painting it and I plan to actually hang this one up in my house! That is something I seldom do for some reason.

I sold another cell phone cover on Society 6! It was created from one of my photographs. It makes me happy to know someone will use something I created. 🙂

I’m trying hard to keep gypsy in control because I need that release right now. Things are not doing well with J. She’s been having cramps and female problems for the past month. They think she might have a cyst and she is taking this very badly. J is an emotional wreck, wanting to talk and dwell over every pain. This is something I just cannot do right now! Don’t get me wrong; I am sympathetic. I had problems when I was younger and had a hysterectomy when I was only 25. It’s just that I need a break, but when I tried to explain that to her she became offended. She has always tried to control things, especially ME. Control is one of her issues. She is trying her hardest to pull me in, but I can’t do it. Not right now. So, I keep my distance.

She just got home from another appointment. She walked in and said accusingly, ” I tried to call you.” Just her tone set me on edge, so without thinking I retorted, “And I didn’t answer.” She glared at me and stomped off. I yelled after her and asked what the doctor said, but she replied, “Never mind now. That’s why I called. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.” And with that, she went to her room and firmly shut the door.

Heavy sigh. Sometimes I cannot win. All I know is I cannot make her happy. It is not my job to make her (or anyone else) happy. So I will go back outside to the porch and turn gypsy loose on that next canvas…

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5 Responses to “Gypsy is Home With Paint in Her Hair”

  1. Alastair Says:

    I’m sorry Rainey 😦

    Glad you sold a phone cover. How do you manage to sell them? Do you advertise? What’s your S6 and I’ll look at it in the morning if that’s okay. I’ve only sold one photo

    • rainey Says:

      It’s weird; everyone I talked to said to sell with Fine Art America, but I’ve not sold anything through them. With any of the sites I’ve tried (Redbubble, S6, FAA, Imagekind) the key (I’m told) is similar to blogging success; comment and “vote” for others often; join groups to promote your work, and just be ACTIVE on the site. I also pin my art on Pinterest to get it out in the general public. The thing I like about S6 is they do offer iPhone cases, and people will spend money on that because it is useful art.
      My S6 site is: http://society6.com/RaineysView
      Look me up, but you’ve seen all my work on Rainey’s View already! 😉
      Good luck selling more photos. You have great talent, Alastair; you just need to get it out there for the public to see.

  2. D.C. Says:

    Your pictures and phone cases are amazing. Unfortunately I’m an iHater but will try to pick up some pictures once I can sort out shipping 🙂
    All the best with J…

  3. sakuraandme Says:

    That’s a greast thing to do. We aren’t responsible for someone elses happiness yet we always feel compelled to be. It’s hard with our own blood. Hugs Paula xxxx

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