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My Perception March 4, 2013

We all live in our own individual realities.  What we think, what we feel, what we perceive: that is truth. It doesn’t matter if it really is true; if we believe it, it is true in our own small worlds.

I keep coming back to this thought: “Perception is reality.”  Can we change our own reality by changing our perception? Can we create the world we want, the world we need, by changing how we view things around us?

It sounds too simple, but I think there is some truth there. Take this situation, for example. A coworker was very stressed out last week. When I approached her with advice on some changes she needed to make at work (part of my job is to give feedback), she bit my head off and tried to make my life miserable. I allowed her to get under my skin. I felt attacked and began to doubt the advice I had given. Suddenly I felt like “they” were all against me, and I felt very uncomfortable. My day was horrible. The next day, I made a decision to change my perception. I chose to remember she had a bad week and it wasn’t about me at all. I chose to ignore her verbal barbs and continue to do my job. Guess what? My day was not only better, but it was one of the best days I’ve had lately. What changed? She didn’t; she still went out of her way to be spiteful; she tried to get people on her side. The only thing that changed was my attitude. My perception of the situation.

Perception is reality. To improve my reality, I must improve my perception.



3 Responses to “My Perception”

  1. Alastair Says:

    Just a smile can make the difference. When I used to roleplay (AD&D not other forms 😆 ), there was saying and it so true. “Pay your opponent a compliment, they will go wild thinking you have something planned”

  2. lala1966 Says:

    That is a really good example. But we can’t make our own reality about everything. I mean, reality is what it is and if we never accept it, we are being delusional. To me, what you did was choose to allow the positive in and push the negative out. That is changing your perception. The reality is still there but we change how it affects us. 😉

  3. This is a wonderful post. Reality is entirely subjective, and changing our perspective can totally change reality. It’s like, things look totally different if you’re standing on a second-floor balcony than they do if you’re standing on the ground. Just a little bit of distance between yourself and a difficult situation can mean the difference between being overwhelmed and being able to say, “Aha, that’s not even about me. It’s about her.” Great work!

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