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A Lovely Day March 3, 2013

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Today was a lovely day, filled with little accomplishments. I like weekends when Hubs works, not because I don’t like to spend time with him, but because I OWN my day. I get up when I like and I spend my entire day selfishly. For me, that is HUGE. My entire life I spent living to do things for others, living to make others happy, living to fix everyone except myself; to be selfish is foreign to me, but oh so nice.

So, what did I do? I slept late. It was glorious and made me happy, so I awoke with a smile. It doesn’t sound exciting, but I cleaned my house. I love my house to be clean, and I enjoy putting on great music and scrubbing everything until it sparkles. Then I played on the ‘net and did some work for my job. In between all of that, I played with my pups and sat outside in the sunlight. My only regret is I left my camera at work, so no pictures today!

I am back inside now, and the sun is slowly beginning to sink. I feel content.


One Response to “A Lovely Day”

  1. hownottokillyourparents Says:

    It’s a wonderful thing to be able to have a day that’s all yours. In this house, that happens very rarely, so I can completely identify with your joy. It sounds like it was a day well spent. 🙂

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