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A Reason to Put on a Bra February 24, 2013

Damn. I have to go out today, so I must put on real pants. And a bra. AND SHOES! Oh, well. It’s for a great reason. My youngest daughter, S (not the one with bipolar) and her life partner, E, are buying a house.

S is only 24 years old and she is buying a house! That is pretty incredible to me. She has always been one to go after what she wants. In school, she was driven to get terrific grades and take all the hardest classes. She graduated in the top 10% of her class, but still managed to play sports and maintain a good relationship with her group of friends. The one thing she did not do is have a boyfriend or girlfriend. She always said she was too busy to date, and that the boys were too immature. After high school, she went away to college for a year and hated it. S never got into partying and chasing boys, so she didn’t fit in. She toughed it out for a year then came home to attend community college. She graduated with a degree in the health field and makes more money than I do!

During this time, S worked a part-time job and lived with a roommate in a small house nearby. She came to me one day and, with tears in her eyes, told me she was bisexual. My sweet girl was worried about telling us, but I think I knew before she did! It wasn’t long after that when she met E.

Our state does not recognize same-sex marriages, but they have exchanged rings and consider themselves married. Now, here we are, about to see the house they want to buy.

Life is funny, you know? You can dream and imagine what you think you want in life, or how you think your life might be, but seldom will you be right. I never thought I would be the mother to two incredible girls who grew to be such wonderful, yet diverse, women. One battles daily hardships that would make most people crumble, and yet she forges on. The other sees what she wants in life and goes for it, against all odds.

It’s a great feeling to know that I, with all the baggage and problems I have, still managed to raise and mold such terrific humans. There might be hope, after all. And I guess that is a good reason to put on a bra and even shoes.



7 Responses to “A Reason to Put on a Bra”

  1. lala1966 Says:

    congrats on your daughters new home!

  2. Alastair Says:

    I don’t think I like your Daughter – S. Far too brainy. LOL Just kidding. Well done on her. I think it’s about time all states recognised that love isn’t always between a man and a woman and that sometimes a man and a man or a woman and a woman want to spend the rest of their lives together. It’s about time the homophobes got it through their heads that THEY are the ones with the problems because it is something they don’t understand. I have loads of friends who are in same sex relationships. They are also very much in love.

    Well done for her buying her house at aged 24. At that age I was … doing other stuff lol

    • rainey Says:

      Yeah, I was…”doing other stuff” too! She’s a good kid. I’m hoping they don’t end up next to homophobic neighbors. I agree with you, Alastair; everyone should live their own lives and not pass judgement on others.

  3. Dorothy Says:

    congratulations to your daughter and you too, it’s exciting!

  4. How wonderful! Congratulations to E & S on their first house!

    That’s definitely a great reason to put on a bra 🙂

  5. H. Stern Says:

    Oh sweet girl! Scared to tell you?! Clearly you explained that a mom doesn’t stop loving her baby, just because they’re different. Congratulations on two WONDERFUL girls!! Good job, mama!!

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