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Oh How I Love No Real Clothes Weekends! February 23, 2013

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It is a cold, wet day here, but I am snug in my house lounging in my “house clothes”.  Am I the only one who wears house clothes? It’s a step up from staying in my pajamas all day; I throw on a pair of comfy pants (yoga or some other exercise pants that have never seen me sweat), a sports bra, and a generously sized t-shirt. Oh, and of course, socks. I can then clean house, wash clothes, play with the dogs, and complete paperwork  all in complete comfort. Or sit on my ass and play on the computer all day.

Then, if we need something from the store, I can say, “I can’t go! I don’t even have on a bra or real pants!” That usually works, because hubs or daughter look me up and down and think: “Damn, she’s a hot mess and everyone in this freaking town knows that we are related. I guess I will go.” I love it! Works every time!

This is how I feel Monday-Friday (and weekends when I MUST go out.)

Sadly-my-day-requires-pants (1)If I could work from home, I would never get dressed again!