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I Created and They Bought… February 17, 2013

I am amazed. Yesterday, I placed some of my photos online to sell and I have already sold TWO! One is a small print and the other is an Iphone case. The company makes most of the money, but i don’t even care. To me, this is not about money. It  just blows me away that someone would PAY MONEY for something I created! WOW! The creative side of me is doing  a happy dance (it looks like a cross between The Harlem Shake, Gangnam Style, and a life-ending seizure) and hyperventilating…


13 Responses to “I Created and They Bought…”

  1. Congratulations! That’s great! What a great validation that your creations are GOOD! Keep making art!

  2. Alastair Says:

    Well done. Where did you place them to sell? None of mine have sold

  3. Dorothy Says:

    wow! that’s super…congratulations!

  4. MBC Says:

    Great job! And you thought we were all just being nice when we said your photos are good. Bet you’re ready to jump out on another photo shoot?

  5. moodchaser Says:

    That’s wonderful!! I hope to have that feeling someday, too. You are a very good writer and photographer.

  6. sakuraandme Says:

    Hahaha! you made me laugh! Great post. Hugs Paula xx

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