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Riley Update February 8, 2013

RILEY GETS TO COME HOME TOMORROW!! WOO-WHOOO! If all goes well tonight and he remains seizure free, I pick him up in the morning. That is, if he will come home; those pretty young college girls who are training to be vets have fallen in love with him. He does not spend time in a pen or crate; oh, no, not my Riley; he is too busy being cuddled by all the ladies! They take turns holding him on their laps while they work. Even the head vet of the department put him on a leash and let him walk around with her as she worked! That’s my boy: working his little chunky boy charm on the women! 🙂

It’s amazing how much better I feel. I will not completely relax until I have him home and safe in my arms, but just knowing he is doing better and feeling normal again makes me smile. It is so nice when the planets align and the stars twinkle just right and my life is on track for at least a moment or two. J is doing well at the moment, Riley feels better, my virus is gone, S (my other daughter) and her partner E are doing well…life is good.

But, you know me, there is that little awful voice in the back of my head saying….something bad is about to happen….things never stay good for long….

I am visualizing that little mouthy bitch that is always saying those negative things in my head…I am visualizing her as a little cartoon character with short dark hair and big brown eyes….now I am visualizing pounding her on the head with a hammer so she will GET OUT OF MY HEAD and let me enjoy some happiness for a while. There, that worked. That shut her up!

As I was saying, life is good!