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Love For a Dog February 7, 2013

I am a pet lover. Specifically, I am a dog lover. I got my first dog when I was 3 1/2 years old, and I have never been without one since.

In my house, pets are part of the family. I currently have two dogs, a male and a female. They are both small inside dogs (which hubs said we would never have, but I won THAT round) and they rule. I cannot imagine life without either of them.


The male dog, Riley, is especially precious to me. He came to me when both of my girls went away to college and I suffered the classic “Empty Nest Syndrome”. This was before J was diagnosed with any problems. I had work, hubs, and….nothing. I felt useless because my identity was so tied in with being a mom. When Riley came into the family, he burrowed that furry little head right into my heart. He was mine, and I was his, right from the start.

Not long after he joined the family was when J was diagnosed with Bipolar. I spent many hours privately crying with only Riley to hold me and comfort me. I have always put on the brave face in public, even with family, and hold my crying sessions all alone. In fact, my favorite place to cry is while in the shower. Riley started the habit of going in the bathroom with me and lying on the rug until I get out. He would watch me with his knowing eyes and wait for me to dress and sit on the rug to hold him. Riley would take all my tears and make me feel better, so that I could make it one more day. He is honestly the reason I don’t break down more often than I do.

Now, here we are, 7 years into Riley’s life. About 8 months ago he started having seizures. He takes an anti-convulsive medication, but it is not working properly. My poor Riley had 20 seizures in a 24-hour period. He is now at the emergency vet’s office at the state college. They are giving him a new drug through an I.V. to see if they can stop the seizures. If it doesn’t stop, they want to do a spinal tap and MRI to look for a cause.

I do not want him to suffer. Hearing him cry between seizures was one of the most difficult things in the world for me. I feel so helpless and broken right now. I know he is in good hands, and they are keeping him sedated. But if they cannot make his life comfortable and of a good quality, then I will have to make a decision I do not want to make.


23 Responses to “Love For a Dog”

  1. Alastair Says:

    Again clicking like to let you know I read it and my thoughts are with you Rainey. I have friends who rescue dogs from “TLDR” The Little Dog Rescue. They take dogs that people give up because they don’t want to look after them due to cancer, fits, missing eyes, missing legs, missing heads (okay just kidding with that last one – they never take them ones on – hehe kidding again of course they do – okay I’m going to stop with that now) but one of the dogs they looked after used to have fits and I saw it a couple of times, and I know how you feel when I was seeing her fitting. I hope they can fix him and that he will be back with you soon.

  2. I am so sorry to hear. Is there a veterinary acupuncturist near you? I cured my cat of epilepsy with acupuncture.

    • rainey Says:

      WHAT?? Seriously? How does that work? How do I find a veterinary acupuncturist?

      • Sorry for the delay in replying. Easiest is to simply Google “veterinary acupuncture in (your locality). A surprising number of vets are cross-trained now, and some even do craniosacral and chiropractic for animals. I had an equine vet who did acupuncture and chiropractic on my horses. Wishing you well! Keep me posted.

  3. lala1966 Says:

    Im so sorry your dog is suffering. I too am a pet lover and my animals are my family too. Over the years I have had the comfort of my little animals as well. I can understand what you mean about empty nest too. My pets were there to give me purpose when I was suddenly alone. I hope and pray that your little one will be alright and that they will be able to find a proper treatment for him. I also know what it is like to have to watch a pet suffer. I just want you to know that I relate and that my prayers are with you and little Riley xx

  4. Dorothy Says:

    I’m so sorry this is happening. My dog also gets seizures, so I know how frightening it is to see and experience. My dog has been taking Zonisamide and Gabapentin and the Gabapentin is the thing which really helped him. He went the past year with having only one seizure but seizure dogs will respond to stress in the home more than others. My dog certainly does. I don’t know what meds your using but these have been a God-send for my dog. Cluster seizures suck and I still keep valium in a syringe on hand, just in case.
    Sorry you are experiencing so much in your life right now. Stay strong. I’m thinking of you.

    • rainey Says:

      I will ask the vet about those meds. I know they are going to talk to me tomorrow about whatever new stuff they want to try. Thanks for letting me know about these.
      How are you holding up these days, Dot? I think about you often.

      • Dorothy Says:

        I hope it helps with your dog. It has been great for mine.
        I am taking things one day at a time, working part-time and just adjusting to life without my father. It can be difficult to focus my energy on myself after all those years.
        Good luck with everything!

  5. So sorry to hear that 😦

    I guess we all pet lovers have to face that moment sooner or later. I dread the time when I have to do the same

  6. MBC Says:

    This hurts my heart. I know your bond with Riley. Sounds like he’s in good hands. We need Riley around a lot longer! My thoughts and prayers are there with you and Riley.

    • rainey Says:

      Thank you, my dear friend. I feel lost and broken without him.
      How are you doing these days? Need another sword or two?

      • MBC Says:

        Don’t worry about me, lets focus on Rainey and her family getting better. I’m stable enough with my eye patch and wooden leg. Are these your normal Vetrenarians?

  7. Jackie Says:

    Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about your dog! How awful! I hope all things go well and the treatment continues to work! Keeping you in my thoughts.

  8. sakuraandme Says:

    Oh no! So sorry to hear that! Hope everything turns out for the better. Hugs Paula x

  9. DeeDee Says:

    Poor Riley – I hope he’s feeling better soon. I don’t know what I’d do without my dog.

  10. I’m sorry, this must be a hard time for you. All the best!

  11. phildynan Says:

    Not sure if this will help…but you can contact me via my hotmail acount or Skype me: phildynan My little Frida was having seizures and we got lucky when the second vet guessed it was a “Nutrition related problem” – added a missing ingredient in her food – no seizures now for the last four years.

  12. http://www.aava.org/php/aava_blog/

    This is the American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncturists site. They have a look-up in the left bar to find one in your area. Keep me posted, will ya?

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