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Life Quote by Rainey January 18, 2013



7 Responses to “Life Quote by Rainey”

  1. MBC Says:

    Hi Rainey. I’m back on track.Just finished second week of new semester. Takes me a few weeks to come down from the anxiety levels I get. Happens at finals time too. Love the quote. This is one of your pics? The beaches round here look out at the Puget Sound. So they don’t have that eternal spce feel to them like they go on forever. Weekend plans?

    • rainey Says:

      Thanks! How is my favorite working girl doing? 🙂

      • H. Stern Says:

        Exhausted. Had one super crappy day, followed by one AWESOME day. Now, the Peanut is sleeping, and I’m thinking about all the things I SHOULD be doing. Meh. Fuck it.

        How’s my newest favorite photog??

      • rainey Says:

        Yeah, work’s been kinda hard for me this week. That’s way I took off today for a little photo R & R. It worked; I feel great! As for all the things you should be doing…you’re doing it! I learned long ago that housework and the dreary everyday shit can wait! Enjoy some “you” time!!

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