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Her Beauty January 13, 2013

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Her incredible beauty calls to me

her arms

outstretched toward the indigo sky

beckon me

to slowly venture much closer

Reaching out

I run my fingers along her curves

so gently

She sways beneath my touch

begging me

so I focus the lens on her beauty

capturing her

in this moment in time, forever,

the tree.


7 Responses to “Her Beauty”

  1. purpleowltree1234 Says:

    I Love this!!!! 🙂 Trees are one of my very favourite things. As well as lines and colour. 🙂
    love from Rach.

  2. H. Stern Says:

    Ugh. Stop being so stinking talented, ok? You make it intimidating for the rest of us, k?

  3. How beautifully you write about beauty! How wonderful to have inspiration in your life to create such prose from

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