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The Child is Yours January 7, 2013

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Please forgive me if I sound rude

but today I’m simply not in the mood

you bitch and you whine and you loudly moan

but you are supposed to be a man fully grown

grow a backbone or go buy a pair

do either one I really don’t care

just step up to the plate and be a real man

raise your own child the best that you can

don’t leave it to others to do the job for you

be a real father, honest, faithful, and true

don’t spread your seed and look the other way

whining ’bout the bitch, she tryin’ to make you pay

you made that bed, now in it you must lie

the child is yours, you cannot deny.













11 Responses to “The Child is Yours”

  1. This is great. Can I repost it as long as I give you credit and link to your page?

  2. MBC Says:

    I think you left us speechless….

  3. rainey Says:

    Haha you make me laugh! This is not my normal style. I have no idea where this came from; I don’t know anyone in this position…I just sat down and the words came out. Funny what the mind can do…

    • MBC Says:

      Doesn’t it seem like sometimes you can write in dreamscape? No idea where it came from, it’s just there and you write. Does that make any sense?

      • rainey Says:

        MBC, that’s the way it always is for me. I get this…feeling…I know I have something that needs to be written, so I sit at the computer and the words come. My fiction page and all of my poems were written this way. If I just sit and try to “write”, it either turns out to be crap or changes and takes on a life of its own. Weird, I know….but that’s how I roll!! 🙂

      • MBC Says:

        I believe that thinking and writing do not go well together on occasion.

  4. Good for you 🙂
    Next stage is to tell him to his face …

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