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Wandering Photographer January 6, 2013

I took a friend’s advice and took the day off yesterday…with my camera. ( Thanks for the idea, Hannah…BTW, you can meet Hannah here…she’s worth following, trust me.) I actually went for a long ride…traveling through three states…and took pictures along the way.  Nothing planned; if it was something that caught my eye, I stopped and clicked away. I know locals were driving by thinking, “What the hell? That chick must be cray cray…she’s standing beside a busy highway taking pictures of the old Jenkins house”…..but I DON’T CARE! It was fabulous! It was entertaining! And I saw some great things. This may need to be my new weekend hobby! See more of my photo adventures on my photo blog…Rainey’s View, if you care to look. 🙂

“What are you doing this weekend? Want to go to the mall or Target to look at stuff we cannot afford to buy?”

“No, I’ve got plans to fill my car up with gold gas and drive around to find broken down buildings, fields full of cows and cow shit, and graffiti covered trains to photograph. Want to go? I only got chased once by that pissed-off farmer with the gun….and that angry bull when I tried to get up close and personal. It’s lots of fun.”

And I wonder why I have no close friends.

On the Farm


10 Responses to “Wandering Photographer”

  1. Grafitti covered trains sounds like fun to me. Some of that artwork is pretty cool! And as for bulls…I’m a hillbilly, I’d just headbutt it back!

  2. It sounds like a great alone day.

    • rainey Says:

      Yes, it was. Sometimes I forget to treat myself nicely, you know?

      • I completely understand this. My future is my oyster, and I’m excited to begin anew….
        Newfound adoration (and freakin fun!), of painting BIG pictures.
        My writing has improved. Well, it feels like that. I feel I’m releasing more and more, with less fear of expressing myself “too much”. I have to understand that not everyone has thick skin.

  3. Spending a day like that is my idea of a perfect, wonderful day

  4. H. Stern Says:

    You really have an eye. But you know what? Even if your photos were crap (they’re not!), the fact is that you enjoyed it. One day a year, my mom would take me out of school, and we would just hang out. I don’t remember exactly what we’d do, but it was a “mental health day.” You need those. You need to treat yourself with love!

    And look at what beautiful things come out of it! (But please, don’t get gored by a bull. We just met!)

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