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Nirvana: Not the Band (Even Though I Love Them) January 4, 2013

A conversation with a friend got me to thinking; how would it be to live without the everyday stresses of the world? Have we become so ingrained with the constant stimulus of our modern life that we would quickly become bored, or would we adjust and thrive with the low-key lifestyle?

We’re bombarded with media from the moment we wake up (the blaring alarm clock) to the time we fall asleep (lulled by the sound of “Everybody Loves Raymond” reruns). Demands at work cross our desks in the form of snail mail, email, texts, instant messages, and Skype. Everything is fast-paced, high-importance, and stressful. Could you walk away from it all unscathed?

I for one, would love to try. My creative side could be unleashed. I would create, in all forms of the word. That, my friends, would be my true nirvana.


7 Responses to “Nirvana: Not the Band (Even Though I Love Them)”

  1. MBC Says:

    What a conundrum you brought up. Many of your pics are pics of “the things of man”. I fear no one place will ever be enough. I want a spot where I can be alive and not a brick in the wall.
    Great things to contemplate. Much better than the gobblygook that was screwing with my thoughts earlier….Thank you Rainey!

  2. My friends like to joke about how I am non-functional until I’ve had a little “stare-time” at the wall.
    I like to say that if it isn’t something it is another thing, there will always be stressors, right? So I take a couple of minutes everyday to just chill, stare at the wall and let it all go, even if only for a few minutes a day.

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