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Poetry, Paintings, and Ponderings: Through My Eyes

Christmas Breakdown December 25, 2012

She had another breakdown today. The first half of the day went fine, but dinner with the family turned out to be too much. We never know when the voices will be heard. She is sleeping peacefully now, but I am left awake and wondering….what will tomorrow bring?


11 Responses to “Christmas Breakdown”

  1. backonmyown Says:

    I’m so sorry Rainey.

  2. rashmenon Says:

    Hang in there. The sun wil shine on you again. God bless you šŸ™‚

  3. I wish I could offer you a solution. I’m sure you don’t need one from me, but that’s just how my “helpful” brain works. Much love to you.

  4. MBC Says:

    I gotta say it; thank god the holidays are done with. Sounds like she tried hard to make it through the day.I hope her dreams were beautiful and I hope you can find sweet dreams of your own.

  5. purpleowltree1234 Says:

    šŸ˜¦ ((((safe hugs))))
    Sounds like she needs some intenive help and you need an extended rest. o sorry you are all struggling.
    Lots and lots of love and care from your friend Rach.

  6. Such a family illness. I am praying for you.

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