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The Simple Truth December 16, 2012

Copy of Original illustration from "A Chr...

Copy of Original illustration from “A Christmas Carol” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve watched Christmas shows on TV today to get myself more in the spirit of the season. It has helped somewhat because I love the old cheesy shows and they have played all day.

Right now I am watching the newest version of  “A Christmas Carol”. You know, the story about Scrooge and the three ghosts who come to visit him in the night? The one that is some creepy shit for kids to watch? Yeah, that one! Anyway, as I see Scrooge escorted around by first one weird ghost and then another, dropping in to eavesdrop on various people in his life, it made me start to think. (Dangerous, I know).

What if we could do that? I mean, what if we could really see what people thought and said about us? Think how life-changing that would be! Sure, feelings would be hurt and friendships would be over, but think how freeing it would be to be truthful.

What would it be like to live without the niceties of society? No more “Politically Correct” words, just the unvarnished truth. If you didn’t like someone, you wouldn’t have to pretend to like them.  you could surround yourself with people you truly cared about. You wouldn’t have to wonder what someone thought of you, because you would KNOW!

I realize I am taking a very simplistic view of something that is NOT simple, but the idea of living with the TRUTH is so refreshing!


2 Responses to “The Simple Truth”

  1. Have you watch the movie “The Invention of Lying”? I highly recommend it

  2. Anita S Says:

    I would be afraid to know the truth about everyone but it would certainly solve a lot of problems!
    I have nominated you for the Reality Blog Award! Learn more about it at http://anitasimpson.com/2012/12/17/reality-blog-award/

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