Rainey Daze and Crazy Nights

Poetry, Paintings, and Ponderings: Through My Eyes

Like Poor Little Alice December 3, 2012

My thoughts bouncing around inside my brain

make me feel like I’ve finally gone insane.

Hours drag by and life just seems so crazy

My whole world seems out of focus, gray, and hazy.

No one seems to really understand

I don’t even know how it got so out-of-hand.

Please know that, in my heart, I’ve always meant well

I just somehow took a wrong turn, see, then I fell

like poor little Alice, down a hole, dark and deep

All I want to do is just lie down and sleep.





2 Responses to “Like Poor Little Alice”

  1. rainey Says:

    Thank you. I have to write whatever is in my heart at the moment.

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