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Life Break December 3, 2012

Boy and girl play ping-pong, circa 1950

Boy and girl play ping-pong, circa 1950 (Photo credit: Center for Jewish History, NYC)

Some days, I don’t have anything to say. Or rather, I have so much to say that I don’t know what to say! Today is one of those days. My thoughts are bouncing around in my brain like a ping-pong ball. So I guess today I will ramble.

  • My dog is sick. She has diarrhea and it is lasting much too long. I really have no money to take her to the vet, but I may not have any choice. I have called the vet and he said to try canned pumpkin to see if it helps. I pray she is better soon.
  • My daughter, J, is sick. She has a cold. She acts as if the world is ending. I have no pity.
  • It is December 3. DID YOU HEAR ME? DECEMBER 3rd ALREADY??!! I am not ready for Christmas. I have no spirit. I have no tree. I have no money. I have no desire to craft any gifts. <sigh>
  • I’m not really in a funk. Well, not totally. But I can feel the darkness, hovering just out of sight. I have fought it with all of my might, trying to hold it off. I think I’m losing the battle.
  • You know what I really want to do? Curl up in a ball in the center of my big comfy bed, and let someone else take care of everything. I would like to be able to just “be”. No demands, no problems, no fake cheer.
  • I cannot fall asleep at night. I lay there, tossing and turning, until finally I drift off. When the alarm screams at me, it feels as if I am in a coma and I fight to wake up and stay awake.

I need a life break.


3 Responses to “Life Break”

  1. purpleowltree1234 Says:

    Safe ((((hugs)))) if you want them. Hoping your daughter and your dog get much better soon.
    I’m not feeling ready for Christmas either this year. I’ve been slaving away making framed pictures to give my family and close friends for Christmas to save money. And one of my kid alters is giving them away to every person who visits our house. So as fast as I’m making them they’re going out the door, often to practically strangers.. Ugh. I’m not feeling the Christmas cheer..
    Wishing a good dose of Christmas cheer for both of us. Maybe if I put some lights up it’ll start having a good effect.
    I’m thrilled you’re writing regularly again. I missed you in your silence.
    Love from Rach.

  2. MBC Says:

    Time for you to find some more great funny pics Sorry bout the dog….that sucks. I think the Grinch did steal Christmas Joy and none of us saw him, cause I got no spirit either. (Today the role of the Grinch is being played by the sad shape of the american economy and the effects it’s had on the working class). Take a break….just don’t smoke within twenty five feet of this blog……and be back in fifteen!

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