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Awesomely Cool November 27, 2012

Filed under: about me,blog,blogging,job,journal,life,musings,personal,thoughts,work — rainey46 @ 8:34 pm

Today was an awesomely cool day at work. (Yes, I am aware that “awesomely cool” is not proper english, but it fits how I feel.) I worked my butt off, but in a very productive way. By the way, I now LOVE my job; once I got the hang of it and got everything organized, I realized I could actually do this.  The people I supervise are good caring people who mostly work hard and want to improve. It is my job to show them how to do the job correctly, train them in all new procedures and strategies, evaluate their job performance, and give feedback. I work longer hours and have a lot on my plate, but I love that there are so many things for me to do. I also like being needed for so many things. It’s a good feeling to know that my job really matters and I am making a difference.



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