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What’s Greater Than Overwhelmed? August 16, 2012

Or maybe due to being completely overwhelmed!

What’s greater than overwhelmed? Is there even a word to describe how I feel right now? I am so far in over my head I cannot even see the tunnel, let alone the light at the end of the tunnel.

The past couple of weeks I have prepared for my new job. I have been in one training session after another with more and more new information poured on top of the packing, unpacking, sorting and tossing I must do. My hand aches from the copious amount of notes I am writing; this is far worse than earning the college degree I possess. There are not enough hours in the day to complete the work that’s needed to get ready for this job. Am I whining right now? Hell yes! Am I doubting my decision to take this job? Unbelievably so! I cry every day on my drive home and when I take a shower. How stupid was I to think I would like this job, or even DO this job?

I will, however, give it a year. I can survive a year (I think). It will take that long for me to truly see if I can do this. If not, I will not consider it a failure; I will simply know this is not for me and view it as a learning experience.

Tomorrow is the official first day. I’m too tired to be nervous. Right now, I am too exhausted to think; all I can do is breathe.


7 Responses to “What’s Greater Than Overwhelmed?”

  1. Starting a new job is always difficult, but just give it your best shot. Good luck with the one year trial

  2. Breathing is good for now.

    I’m not trying to be condescending but maybe a nice, long bath will help you relax and sleep better? Maybe a glass of wine while you’re at it.

    Pamper yourself. You’re allowed to do that. Maybe have some ice cream or that slice of cake you have been denying yourself. It’s not about using food for comfort, it’s about rewarding yourself for all that hard work you have already done in preparation for your first day.

    Best of luck tomorrow and this year

  3. Dorothy Says:

    you’re incredibly strong Rainey! I really admire what you’re doing and I wish you a more peaceful time tomorrow even if if’s only for a little while…hope you can find it!
    BIG HUGS…..Dot

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