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After the Job Training August 8, 2012

Thank you to everyone who wished me luck and sent good thoughts my way! I really appreciate it!

Well….(drum roll, please)…Today went fine. I had an all day training session for my new job and I was nervous about it and about my new job that starts August 17. (I wrote a post about it this morning). All in all, I feel better. I’m NOT the only one who feels lost and overwhelmed; others taking the training today felt the same way.

The scariest part of my job is not knowing exactly what is to be done. I like to know exactly what is to be done, but this job is a little different because I will wear many “hats”. I’m a liaison person; I will be helping various groups of people and bridging the gap between them and the bosses. There are several components to the job, and I will need to address the needs of my people as I see fit. Sometimes I will be training groups of people in new procedures. At times I have to model correct techniques because I am now considered the “expert”. That’s damn scary! I have never felt like an expert at anything I do!

At least the training gave me some ideas of what I am to do. Now, I have my new planner to fill out with all the upcoming meetings and training sessions I have…starting with “Training: Day 2 tomorrow”…

Hope you all, my dear friends, have a great day!


Let’s Laugh Together

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This is so true!

Nice wish for newlyweds!


Sing it, baby!

At least we can translate it!

We take our thrills were we can get them!

Yes, it is a bit humid!


Expelling Pre-job Jitters

I’m up early because I have my first pre-new-job training meeting today. I looked at the agenda that I received by email and I feel….nauseous…overwhelmed…stupid. Why did I switch jobs? I am really second-guessing myself. Did I really need to add this stress to my life right now? What if I can’t measure up? What if my new coworkers don’t like me and I don’t like them?

I really know it will be fine. It’s just difficult leaving the comfort zone of my previous job that I held for fifteen years. I could sit here and “what if” all day long…but that is not productive. Instead, I’m going to try to face my fears.

Why did I switch jobs? I felt stale, in a rut. I needed a challenge because I get bored easily. I reached the highest level of achievement that I could, so it was time for something new.

Do I really need this stress? I don’t need to add stress to my life, but I was already stressed at my last job. This will be a different type of stress, but it will be no worse than what I already had. After I learn the job, it may be LESS stressful.

What if I can’t measure up? (This is ALWAYS my fear in anything I do). I went through two job interviews to get this job. I faced a panel of EIGHT people and easily answered all of their questions. They all thought I could do it. Worse case scenario: If, after one year I still feel overwhelmed or feel like I don’t measure up, I will go back to the type of job I had before. I will give it one year because that will give me enough time to adjust, learn the job, and get comfortable. I can do anything for one year.

What if my new coworkers don’t like me and I don’t like them? It’s okay if everyone doesn’t like me. Not everyone will. I already know a few people who work there and I like them and they like me. As long as I have one or two people I can laugh with, I will be fine.

This job may be different, but different is good. Change is good. Change means growth, and I believe we all need to keep growing to be the best humans we can be. So, here I go, to my first training session. Here I go, ready to face a new challenge. Here I go, to grow and change and become a better human. Wish me luck!