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Take a Trip with Me! August 2, 2012

Let’s go to the beach, shall we?

You feel the warm breathe of the ocean breeze on your face. When you remove your shoes your toes wiggle and sink into the rough grains of loose sand. Some of the sand clings to your feet as you walk the path between the dunes. The sea grass sways as you stroll by, each one bowing its head as if in honor of your passing through.

As you hike closer to the top of the dunes, you hear the crashing of the ocean as it pounds the sand. The smell of salt infuses your nose and the taste creeps into your mouth as you lick your lips. The sun heats your skin and  you begin to glisten.  You anticipate the refreshing splash of water you soon will feel.

At the top of the dune,  you pause. Stretched out in front of you is the glorious ocean. It swallows the horizon and eats away at the beach. The water is a mix of grays, blues and aquas that dance and play like lovers. White ridges rise to the top and ride the darker hues all the way to the sand, where it crashes into nothingness. You stand and stare in awe.

After gazing for a few more moments, you walk until the thick loose sand becomes flat and packed down by the receding surf. You deposit your blanket and slip off your shirt.  As though mesmerized, you walk straight toward the water. As  you approach, a small wave reaches out and touches your feet. The cool water makes you gasp, but the sun beating down makes it feel delicious. You continue. The next wave is not so gentle and as it slams against your knees you brace your legs for the impact. You feel the sand beneath your feet shift and slide away. A few more steps, and you are up to your thighs. You know the next wave, the one you see building in the distance, will be the one that takes you under. As the white caps rise to the top, forming a towering wall of water, you suck in your breath and close your eyes. The wave crashes over your head and envelopes you in salty coldness as it swirls around you. You rise up and gasp in air, preparing for the next wave.


12 Responses to “Take a Trip with Me!”

  1. purpleowltree1234 Says:

    I lOve these photos! Thank you so much for sharing your break with us! 🙂
    I hate getting in the ocean beyond my ankles, but I do love seeing it and collecting shells. 🙂 This was a wonderful diversion from my day in bed, it was lovely to see the beach. 🙂 My favourite photo here is the one of the grass seeds close up, with the ocean behind them. Beautiful! 🙂

  2. lily Says:

    Thank you, Rainey. This was a lovely stroll! Ahh, soft sand, sea air, and ocean wavesI
    I hope your week is happy, ~ Lily

  3. Summer Moon Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this, Rainey. Such a wonderfully photographed and written walk to and on the beach. Due to my anxiety, I have not been able to go to a beach for over 3 years, even though it’s only like 20 minutes away. But, this is just a marvelous walk through the sensation and relaxation that comes with a visit there. With this post, you made it the next best thing to being there. Thank you! 🙂

  4. Dorothy Says:

    very nice descriptive post of a walk towards the water at the beach….all I could think of was ‘NO’ ….I’m not putting my head under…LOL, no deeper than my thighs…maybe, and even then it’s freezing cold up here. Where the tide pool I can sit in with the babies????

  5. That is my kind of beach 🙂

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