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Simple Things July 15, 2012

There are  many simple things in life that make me smile and fill we with happiness. At times, these little things are what help me through really rough moments. Here are a few of those things:

  • Flowers, but especially daisies; they are such happy flowers!
  • Dogs and cats…really ANY animal
  • Hummingbirds drinking from the feeders I have out
  •  A clean kitchen sink…weird, I know, but it makes me happy!
  • Fresh sheets (dried outside, of course) on my bed
  • Turning on the radio and hearing a GREAT song
  • A cool shower after a hot day
  • Seeing leaves fall in autumn
  • Being near a body of water…ocean, lake, creek…
  • Looking at beautiful art
  • Rain…I LOVE a rainy day
  • Old buildings…they have such history!
  • SNOW
  • Sitting by the fire pit on a cold day
  • Getting a message from someone special
  • Capturing a great photo
  • Reading a good book; one that leaves me with a satisfied feeling when I finish reading it

What are some simple things that make you happy?


11 Responses to “Simple Things”

  1. I LOVE daisies. And all items on your list too

    Here’s a few of the things that make me happy


  2. I love the rain as well I enjoy walking in it find it so relaxing
    I love the look of pure love that my daughter and wife have for me (and to a lesser extent the boys as well LOL)
    I love the feeling of a deep sleep when you wake up and have no idea of time! (been a long time since I had that though)

  3. daisies are my favorite flower. rain (simple) listening to it on the roof when dropping off into sleep and seeing it coming down during the day. most favorite thing is to have anyone of my cats or my parrot snuggling in my lap. i especially like it when one or more of my kitties drapes themselves across my arm(s) while i am trying to write on my laptop. they’re usually very cooperative if i need to slightly move them to reach a certain key on the keyboard. i love watching a fluffy snow and the snowflakes drifting lightly down from the sky. i love when my significant other and i spend time in the evening together after a long day of writing in our own writng spaces. enjoying a delicious meal. reading any book which draws me into the place in the story and takes me along on the adventure. reading any book that enlightens me and causes me to think. watching a great film that i’ve been waiting to come out on dvd. receiving and sending a wonderful letter to & from someone i love. feeling loved. feeding my animals and just enjoy watching them eat. getting the cats stoned on catnip and watching their reactions. seeing the faces of out 3 new kittens as they discover new ways of playing. the first time one of the kittens discovered catnip. snuggling with one of my cats in bed while i settle to read or write and lying with my head leaning into her body and her paws touching my face and hearing the purring come from her body. just being around any body of water or a stream running down over the rocks. there are so many more things that i enjoy. i will end by saying watching “modern family,” “outnumbered,” “the vicar of dipley” and “the big bag theory” and laughing hysterically. i love to laugh. also, a good hug with someone special when it lasts just the right amount of time. these are some of my favorite things. jen ps. watching the film “the sound of music” for over the 100th time. and it’s understood that i love to write almost anything.

    • rainey Says:

      A parrot can SNUGGLE? Really? That is too cool! 🙂 I also like the interaction you havae with your cats….stoned on catnip…lol
      Thanks for sharing!

      • thank you. my parrot saki is very sociable with me. she loves being held and hugged. she also does the sitting on your shoulder thing. but mostly she likes crawling all over my body. she like sitting on my ankle. but laps are her favorite place. our cats and kittens are all original. i couldn’t believe it when our smallest kitten got into the catnip with one of the adult cats. he was rolling around on the steps. it was pretty adorable. jen

  4. bpshielsy Says:

    Warm sunshine on my face

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